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General FAQ
What do I do if I need help?
There are a number of options available to you.  You can start by looking through this F.A.Q. to see if your question is answered within.  You can also Ask Snape your question.  He pulls many of his answers straight from this F.A.Q., so you may find your answer quickly with keywords.

If you still are unsure about something, then feel free to ask! There are a couple ways to do this.  You can make a post in your Common Room's Help Thread, which are attached to the top of your House’s forum.  You can visit the New Student Sanctuary, which provides threads of different areas so you can get the best directed help.  Finally, you can owl a staff member. Staff members, who are bolded on the “Who’s Online” at the bottom of the main Forums Index, are here to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us. We don't consider any questions stupid and we're always glad to offer our help.  Smile

If all fails, you can contact us by sending an email to: MNIStaff (at) gmail (dot) com

What if I did not get my account activation email?
It may take several hours for your activation email to arrive. It is possible that your email account will filter it as junk mail, so be sure to check your junk mail box as well, if you have one.

If you still do not get your email, send an email to MNIStaff (at) gmail (dot) com from the same email you registered with.  It is very important that the emails match.  Include your username, and explain the situation.  The Head Staff can then activate your account manually.

How do I earn galleons?
Never think that galleons are too hard to earn.  MNI provides many ways you can earn galleons, and more may appear in the future! Wink

Take some Classes provided here at MNI.  If you do not have the time or hours to be here for a full lesson, our Professors frequently provide Homework and Extra Credit assignments that can be completed for Galleons as well.  Be sure to read the class rules before you participate!

Have you tried the Gringotts Lottery?  You can win 20 Knuts, 1 Galleon, or even 20 Galleons!  Of course, like any lottery, there will be odds against you.  But sometimes you need to spend money to make money.

While you are at it, check out the Duelling Club, an MNI-original game! You can collect Galleons every three days.

If you are good with trivia, try our Quizzes.  We provide challenges on many topics, and remember to come back as more open all the time!

Do you love to write fan fiction?  You can publish your work at Flourish and Blotts, and earn a small royalty each time someone purchases your work!  Sure, there is a publishing fee, but the more people who buy your work, the more galleons in your pocket.  Check out the Library for more information, to get help, or ideas.

Let us not forget those Site Secrets.  Wait, what are site secrets, and how do you find them?  While we do not appreciate them being talked about openly…  keep your eyes open, and you might find little treats around the site.  And that is all we shall say Wink

Have you checked your Common Room, or other Forums for Galleon Games?  Staff may sometimes hold games where you can earn for participation, either by answering questions, solving puzzles, submitting entries, and much more!  You can check out this thread to see what opportunities are currently available.

The hardest way is to just post.  Staff may award you for a post that they find impressive, either by being insightful, something that sparks discussion or a thoughtful remark, or even just by being funny.  Whether or not to award is at the discretion of any staffer, but we do it to encourage good posting and to discourage spam, so you may find yourself surprised if you impress us.

More ways to earn galleons will be appearing in the future, so keep your eyes open!

How can I prevent my e-mail address from showing up in my profile?
No need to worry!  Only you can see your e-mail address in your profile.  No one else will see it, just as you cannot see anyone else's.

What is the relevance of a high post count?
None. It does not matter if you have got 1 post or 10,000. There are no benefits to having a higher post count.

What are Site Secrets? How do I find them?
Site Secrets are, as they state, secrets that are hidden around the site.  They could be anything from a link, to a picture, to just doing the right things in the right way.  They are scattered all around MNI, so keep your eyes open!  The only way to find them is to look!

If you do find a site secret, then do not spoil it for others by revealing what you have found, where you found it, or how.  Site Secrets are part of the fun of MNI.  Help us keep it that way! Very Happy

How many accounts can I have?
You can only have one account. The reason for this is in order to prevent galleon fraud.

If you are banned from this site, it is highly recommended that you don't get onto another person's account as it will look like you've made a duplicate. That other user runs the risk of being banned as well. So friends don't let your friends on your account. Also don't have someone else make a new account for you. It may not show up right away but later when it does that account will be banned for duplicate as well.

How do I delete my account?
No you may not delete your account.  If you are no longer satisfied with MNI, you are certainly not required to stay at a place that makes you unhappy.  However, we will not honor any request to delete your account.  There is no reason an account should need to be deleted. The reason for this is we have measures in place where you may change your name but we are finding advantage being taken by a select few who would rather get around our system that we have set in place for their own benefit and thus hurting the site overall. In the best interest of the site we have discontued the ability to have an account deleted.

How can I change my username?
In order to change your username on MNI, you must first read this FAQ entry in it's entirety.  Then post in the thread, linked below.

How much will this cost?
-First time name change will be 250 Galleons

-Second time name change will be 500 Galleons

-Each subsequent change will go up 500 Galleons, so for a 3rd time it will be 1000 and a 4th would be 1500

What do I need to do?
-Post in this thread with the user name you wish to have (please type it EXACTLY how you want it to be and use the form below), if you do not have enough to pay for the name change do not post.

-After the username is changed you will receive an email with a link to change your password. Please note that you will NOT be able to log in with the new name until you have done this. So before you post for a name change make sure your email address is accurate.

-Please use the following format:
Desired User name:

How long will it take?
-The actual changes will occur within a week for most cases.  If I know I will be unable to perform name changes for whatever reason, the thread will be temporarily closed.

How will I know that its changed?
-The easiest way to tell will be that you'll get the email asking you to change your password. However once the name is changed you will no longer be able to log in with the old name.

What if I don't get the email and can't log in anymore?
-If for some reason after the name is changed and the email does not come through (which will result in you not being able to log in) you can send an email to MNIStaff (at) gmail (dot) com from the same email listed on your account, and we will take care of the password change issues for you from there. Please check your junk mail folders before you email the staff account though.

What if I have a question?
-If you are uncertain about something, owl Wings of a Butterfly.  The thread will only be for posts requesting name changes. If you post with a question in the thread it will be deleted and unanswered.

What else do I need to know?
-This is NOT for RP Profiles, only for your main MNI user name.  There is no feature in place at this time for RP Profiles.  Please don’t ask.

-User names that break any MNI rules will not be allowed

-If you do not have enough galleons at the time I go to make the change, your post will be discarded

-You don’t need to look and see if the name you want is taken, I can do that. It will be beneficial to you if you do look first but it’s not necessary.  You can use this page to search existing usernames.

-If you do not post in the format above your post will deleted and you will have to re-post your request.

-Do not delete your posts once the name change has been done. I will clean the thread periodically

And that’s it. If you’ve read all of the above, don’t have any questions to owl me about and are ready to change your name, feel free to post.

Can I give my galleons to a friend?
No, your galleons are yours and yours alone.  This is to prevent galleon fraud.  If you or your friend are having difficulty earning galleons, check out How do I earn galleons?

What are the forum rules here?
General MNI Posting Rules

1. Hello, and welcome to MuggleNet Interactive!  Would you like to post a new thread to introduce yourself? Then visit the Introduce Yourself! forum. Spend all the time you would like introducing yourself there, but please avoid making these types of threads in any other forum.

2. Please do not make duplicate threads. Before you start a thread, make sure there is not already a similar one there!

3. Language in the forums must be rated T or lower. As a general guideline, if a swear word is not in the Harry Potter books or movies, DO NOT use it. Never use a swear word against another member or staff member. Not sure what the T rating means? Check out the What do the different ratings mean? FAQ entry. Also, using swear words with * or any other miscellaneous characters is not accepted.

4. Do not post images containing nudity or excessive violence. If you are unsure if an image is acceptable or not, ASK A STAFF MEMBER before you post it. Posting pornography of any kind will result in being banned from MNI.

5. Do not "spam" forums or threads. Several one-word or off-topic posts or threads in a row are considered spam, and will cause your posts to be deleted. If you continue after being asked to stop, you risk being banned.  If you are unsure of what constitutes spam, you can read about it here.

6. Please be kind to your fellow students and staff. Harassing other users risks you being banned from MNI. We have students of all ages here, so please keep that in mind.

7. Do not "spam" users with multiple private messages, or with advertisements. Remember that all of the forum rules are also applicable to private messages. If you abuse the system, you risk being banned from sending private messages, or banned from MNI altogether.

8. Respect the privacy of others.  Do not post Owls or IM conversations on the boards without the consent of those within the discussion.  Obviously it's not possible for us to know automatically whether or not you have this consent - but if a member comes to us with the concern that their private discussions were made public, there will be repercussions.  If you have an issue with something someone says to you in Owls, you may bring this to a staff member in an Owl to be addressed privately.

9. For your own safety, please do not post your email address, Skype/AIM/MSN/ICQ/Yahoo screenname, last name, phone number, or physical address on the forums. Never ask another user for this information.  If you decide to give this information to another via Owl, we stress that you use extreme caution.

10. For your own safety, please do not use MNI as a way to arrange real-life meetings with people you meet on the internet.

11. For your own safety, if you are under the age of consent in your country (17 or 18 in most places), please ask your parents before posting a picture of yourself on the forums. Never ask another user for a picture of themselves.

12. If you post an image directly on the forums (with [img] tags) then please make sure it is 600x600 pixels or smaller. If it is larger, then post a link to it instead (with the [url] tags). This is to make things a bit easier on users with slower connections, and those with an 800x600 monitor resolution.  

13. All links posted in the forums or in signatures can link only to sites with content rated T or lower. If you are unsure about whether a certain link is ok, ASK A STAFF MEMBER before posting. We make a slight exception when linking to video sites such as YouTube: the video itself must still meet the T rating, but we will not consider it breaking the rules if comments made on those videos go against our T rating. We want our users to be able to post videos, so please be wary of this if you open a video link with respect to comments on these videos.

14. No club or student activity should be considered official unless the Headmaster/Headmistress specifically says that it is official. Neither MNI nor MuggleNet are responsible for student-sponsored activities that we do not actually control.

15. For the sake of keeping the forums clean, we may delete threads that get past a certain page in the forum, have not been replied to in a given amount of time, or do not require replies longer than a few words. For information on how many pages threads will be, please see the individual forum rules thread posted in each forum.

16. Please do not purposely make your posts difficult to read. Using netspeak, really tiny text, or colors that don't show up well on the blue background make it that much harder for people to read your post (or may cause people to skip over your post altogether). If a post is too difficult to read because of tiny text or the colors used, a staff member may edit it. This includes Private Messages (PMs) as well.

17. If you post in a non-English language, whether that language is real (like German or Japanese) or made-up (like Sindarin or Klingon), you MUST provide a complete and accurate English translation in your post. It does not have to be word-for-word, but it must share the same information. If we find out that people are not translating correctly, we will not let anyone post in any language other than English. Members have been good at following this rule so far. Do not be the person that ruins it for everyone.

18. Threads which are classed as popularity contests are not allowed. This includes polls asking you to vote for your favorite person on MNI or a club dedicated to another MNI user.

Special Forums
You can use the common rooms to talk about pretty much whatever you like as long as the topics adhere to the T rating. If you are unsure about a topic you want to start, please ask a staff member first. However, certain types of topics belong in special forums:  

--Topics about politics, current events, ethical issues, and the like belong in The Philosophy and Politics Corner (P&P), which has some additional rules which you should read before posting.

--Harry Potter can be discussed in the common rooms if you like. But if you want in-depth discussion on recent Harry Potter news, movies, updates by JK Rowling, and the like, you may do so in The Quibbler.

--All student club threads should go in The Club House.

--All diary threads should go in the The Chamber of Secrets.

--Fan Fiction discussion is best suited for The Library.

--Doll-making, avatar-making, and signature-making services must go in The Art and Graphics Lounge (A&G).

Each of the special forums has its own additional rules, so please read through them before posting.

What is Spam?
- One-word or short-sentence posts that contribute nothing to the topic, or posts containing only smilies.  i.e. "Hi!"  " Laughing "  "I'm back!"  "Duh! Rolling Eyes"  If the topic is business-like in nature, posts akin to "I've been following along, but I have nothing to add."  "I agree with what's been said here" are understandable to ensure that those involved in the "business" of the thread are actively invested.  However, if the topic is "Character Discussion: Malfoy" there's no need for a post that just says, "I agree with ^"

 - Off-topic posts, or posts that derail a thread.  If a thread topic is "Music of the 90's," then we don't need to hear about the new trick your pet learned in this thread.  A tangent is something entirely different - it's based off the original topic, but slightly gears the thread towards another topic.  Tangents can exist for a brief period, but if they evolve into a larger discussion, it may be best to start a new thread.  For example, back to the thread on Music of the 90's, if the thread starts to revolve around Michael Jackson's music, it may be better to give him his own thread so the original topic can fall back to include other artists once again.

 - Multiple threads on similar/the same topics in the same forum.  If there's a thread in Gen about "Who's your favorite HP character?"  we don't need another there.  We also don't need additional threads like, "Do you like Snape?"  "Malfoy fans here!"  

 - Posts used to advertise a thread, club or site, outside of the Daily Prophet Ads forum.  Threads to bring attention to a cause, such as cancer awareness, are acceptable so long as it is within MNI guidelines and leaves the possibility for discussion.  Such threads must not suggest that the thread poster is aiming for personal gain.

 - Owl Spam is considered multiple owls to a single user, containing any of the above.  Alternatively, owl spam can also be an owl to multiple users in the form of advertisement.  Mass owls (an owl to multiple users) are acceptable so long as they are not spammy in nature.  When we say "spammy," it again falls back to one-word posts, excessive smilies, or an advertisement.  Multiple owls to a single user from more than one person is considered spam if the owls are on the same topic/vying for the same cause (assuming it is not accidental).

 - Double posting is acceptable on the following conditions: a sufficient amount of time has passed (read as: a minimum of 4 hours), and the additional post provides substantial content towards the thread topic.  If it's only been a few minutes since a post was made, edit it instead.  If a day has passed and no one has yet responded, but you have more to say, double posting is acceptable.  What is not okay, is a second post that only has content such as, "Is anybody here? Confused "  This does not add content toward a topic, and is therefore unnecessary.

Note that these rules on spam are applicable site-wide. However, due to the nature of some areas of the site, specific boards may have more detailed spam rules which need to be followed. For example, Quidditch, CoS, and Roleplay.  Please ensure you are familiarizing yourself with the rules of any area before posting.

What are the different forums for? How do I join?
Most forums on MNI are open to all members, but a few are not.  To join them, you need to contact the owner/moderator of that forum.  Below, you will find a list of all the forums on MNI, a description, and the owner (if it is a member-owned forum)

To see what the private forums are (currently they are not visible to anyone but members) and to join one, enter your 'Profile', and click 'Join Private Forums' in your left-hand menu.  You will be able to enter an application to join that forum.


  • Category: General

Found a bug on the site and need somewhere to report it?  Have some suggestions for the site you would like to share with the staff?  This is the place for it!  Come here and help us make MNI a better place for everyone!

The Club House
MNIers like their clubs, which is why the Club House is one of the most active forums we have. Clubs can serve any purpose, as you will see.  To say there are quite a few clubs on MNI is nothing short of an understatement! Join up and meet new people!

The Chamber of Secrets
This forum is a way for you to keep your own diary on MNI. You can ask people to comment, or request that they not, whichever you prefer. It is also another good way to meet people here on MNI.

The Art and Graphics Lounge
The Arts and Graphics Lounge, A&G as it has come to be known, is the graphics corner of MNI. If you need a doll for the ball or an avatar for any occasion, just stop by. We have some really amazing graphic gurus that would love to help you out.

  • Category: Discussion

Inside the Magic
This is a forum that contains more in depth discussion and examination of the Harry Potter novels.  From The Sorcerer’s Stone to The Deathly Hallows, read along with us and let us see what we have overlooked!

HP News Discussion
While we encourage Harry Potter discussion throughout MNI, sometimes we just need a place to focus on the current events.  That place is here.  Come talk about the recent movies, updates by J.K. Rowling, and Harry Potter Events!

**All other book/movie discussions can go in your House/General Common Room**

The Library
The library has a special purpose: it is for the discussion of fan fiction, which is when fans use the characters found in Harry Potter in their own works of fiction. Definitely worth checking out!

The Philosophy and Politics Corner
This forum is where all serious, real-world discussions happen. It is a membergroup-only forum, so join the Philosophy and Politics Corner usergroup (often abbreviated P&P) to start defending your beliefs. It is a very interactive group, so get involved!

  • Category: Student Forums

The Pages Keep Turning
A forum for anything related to books. Here you can be at the liberty to have discussions, toss around theories, and spill your emotions regarding any and all types of literature. Chat about your favorite characters, vent concerning the worst villains, and anticipate what will happen next in a captivating series.

Play it again, Sam II
Love games?  This is the forum for you!  Play them all here, and make new friends!

Expressing the Inexpressible
A forum for discussion of music in all its wonderful forms.

You need to talk, you want some advice, this is the place for you!

Writers are Liars
It's just a matter of time until we're all found out.

Cold Fusion
Anything technology related.

The Rainbow Club
Club for gay and straight people and their supporters. Owner: Cindel

The Slug Club
A special area only for students who have been awarded 'MNI Student of the Month'.

Beyond Borders
A forum for travelers and those who are interested in travel.  Learn about other countries and share your experiences!

Art of the Impossible
This forum provides you the opportunity to discuss and share fan-made content not relating to Harry Potter.  Stop by for fanfiction, fanart, fanvideos and more!

We Live For This
A sports-fan safe haven.  Come stop by and discuss your favorite sports and teams.  Do you play sports yourself?  Stop by and tell us about your experiences!

  • Category: Roleplay and Special Occasions

General Common Room
The General Common Room is an area for students from different houses to come together. There are also sub-forums for you to introduce yourself, place an ad, and view MNI announcements and job openings.

The Great Hall
The Great Hall only opens for MNI Balls or special events. We traditionally have held four balls during the year.  These are the most popular Harry Potter & JK Rowling Birthday Ball, the Valentines Ball, the Halloween Ball, and the Yule Ball. All balls will be announced in the General Common Room before they happen so you can get your dates and dresses!

For descriptions of the individual Roleplay forums, please see the Roleplay section.

What are Private Forums and how to they work?
What are Private Forums? How do I join?

To join a private group:

Click on the "my profile" link on the top left of your screen. The second grouping will be "Private Forums" and you will click on "Join Private Forums".

You will be brought to a new screen where to the right is a drop down box with the groups you do not already belong to.

Select the one you want to join and click on the "Submit Application" button.

Wait patiently until you are approved by staff.

What each of the groups are all about

Order - this group gives you access to Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. This forum is dedicated to Role-Play and you will need to fill out a character application to be accepted into this group and forum as well.

The Maison - this group gives you access to Maison d'Obscurité. This is also a Role-Play forum and is only available to students who are 17 or older. If you are 17 or older and like to role-play you can apply for this forum.

Rainbow Club - this group gives you access to The Rainbow Club forum. The club is for both gay and straight people and their supporters and friends. The club is owned by cindel.

MoM - this group gives access to the sub-boards available in the Red Phonebooth in the Role-Play section.  Only members of the Ministry of Magic are given access.  See the Red Phonebooth for more information on how to apply.

The Age Line - this group is a general life discussion board for members of the site age 20 and over.

How do I know if I am approved?

You will receive an owl upon approval or denial of membership. If you have been approved to the forum that you joined then you will see it, they are all hidden unless you are in the group.

So you can easily find them:
The Rainbow Club is listed under Student Forums
Number Twelve Grimmauld Place and Maison d'Obscurité are within the Role-Play forums
The Ministry of Magic Headquarters, Nurmengard, The Wizarding Examination Authority {WEA} and the Ministry Archive will appear as sub-boards in the Red Phonebooth
The Age line is listed under Student Forums

How do I know if I was denied access?

You will receive an owl upon approval or denial. If you look in those places and still cannot see the forum you are looking for check your profile again, if you have the option to join the group again then you were denied access.
What can I do if I was denied access?

In most cases you can Owl the person in charge of the group, here's a list:

Order: Caleb or Xxanica
The Maison: Wings of a Butterfly
Rainbow Club: Utopiaswriter
MoM: Wings of a Butterfly
The Age Line: Alura

However, before you do please make sure you understand what the group you applied to is for. For example: If you applied to The Maison and are 16 or under then the reason you were denied access was because you are not old enough.

How do I make my font look different?
To make your font look different, you just need to highlight the text you wish to alter at the reply box and click on the appropriate button, found at the top of the reply box. Alternatively, you can manually enter the code.

Here are some examples of the use of the various buttons:

The button B makes your text bold
Typing this: [b]I'm altering my text.[/b]
You get this:
I'm altering my text.

The button I makes your text italic
Typing this: [i]I'm altering my text.[/i]
You get this:
I'm altering my text.

The button U underlines your text
Typing this: [u]I'm altering my text.[/u]
You get this:
I'm altering my text.

The button S strikes your text out
Typing this: [s]I'm altering my text.[/s]
You get this:
I'm altering my text.

The button M makes your text move
Typing this: [move]I'm altering my text.[/move]
You get this:
I'm altering my text.

The Quote button is used to copy what someone has said
Typing this: [quote]I'm altering my text.[/quote]
You get this:
I'm altering my text.

Or, if you want to specify who said it, typing this:
[quote="Bob"]I'm altering my text.[/quote]
You get this:
Quote from: Bob
I'm altering my text.

The Code button can display the code without altering the text
Typing this: [code]I'm [b]altering[/b] my text.[/code]
You get this:
I'm [b]altering[/b] my text.

The List buttons create a list
Typing this: [list]I'm altering my text.[/list]
You get this:
    I'm altering my text.

There are a couple ways to alter the appearence of lists:

Typing this:
You get this:

Typing this:
You get this:
  • ITEM
  • ITEM
  • ITEM

The Img button is used to insert images.
Typing this: [img]http://interactive.mugglenet.com/mni/Themes/mnii/images/mnii/logo.gif[/img]
You get this:

Also, you can make an image be a link to another site or webpage, by wrapping it in a url tag.

Typing this (but putting it all in one line!!):
You get this:

The use of the URL button is explained here

To font colour drop down menu can be used to change the colour of your text.
Typing this: [color=cyan]I'm altering my text.[/color]
You get this:
I'm altering my text.

Of course, you can do the same with all the colours that exist here, such as Dark Red, Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Green, Olive, Cyan, Blue, Dark Blue, Indigo, Violet and Black.
As you can see, not all of them are easy to read, so please, use the ones that do not hurt the eyes!

If you know the hexadecimal code of the colour, you can also change it doing this:
[color=#00ffff]I’m altering my text[/color]
To get:
I’m altering my text

The Font Size drop down menu is used to change the size of the text.
Typing this: [size=30px]I'm altering my text.[/size]
You get this:
I'm altering my text.

Of course there are various sizes, such as small, normal, large, huge and many more. You must have the number + a unit, or the size will not work.  A unit meaning either px or pt (Pixel and Point respectively).  As you can understand, using tiny letters or huge ones is not the most wise choice, so please, be reasonable when using the font sizes.

How do I make a link? What are the rules for links here?
To make a link, you just need to copy the URL of the site you wish to link to at the reply box, highlight it and click on the Hyperlink button, found above the reply box. Alternatively, you can manually enter the code:
which will display this:

If you wish to replace the URL with text, you should use the following code:
[url=http://interactive.mugglenet.com/]Click here![/url]
which will display this:
Click here!

IMPORTANT!  Please note that all links posted at these forums must direct to sites rated T or lower. If you are unsure about a link you would like to post, ASK A STAFF MEMBER.

What is an avatar? Rules and how to get one.
The picture that you can put under your name is called an avatar.

To add an avatar, you must first purchase the ability to display one.  Click on the “diagon alley” link at the top of the page, and enter “Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions.”  There are three options for you to choose from:

Basic Avatar Privileges - allows you to only choose an image from a provided list, Cost: 20 galleons

Customizable Avatar Privileges - allows you to only link to off-site images of your choice, Cost: 40 galleons

Ultimate Avatar Package - allows you to link to an off-site image, or choose from a provided list, Cost: 60 galleons

After you have purchased your avatar ability, click on the “my profile” link on the top left of your screen.  Under the ‘Modify Profile’ section, click on the ‘Edit Avatar & Signature’ link. If you have purchased the ‘Basic’ option, there will be a list of categories of images for you to choose from.  If you purchased the ‘Customizable’ option, you will have a box to place a link to an avatar you have uploaded somewhere (no hotlinking!).

Avatar Rules
1) Before you put any images into your avatar read the Forum Rules. Yes it says “General Posting Guidelines” but if you cannot post it then you cannot use it in your avatar.

2) They may be a maximum of 100 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.

3) The file size, when combined with a signature, may be a maximum of 250kb (256000 bytes). If they are 256001 then it is to much, fix it. (To check, right-click the picture and go down to "Properties.")
*Images at this size or smaller are VERY easy to find, because this is far more than double LiveJournal's size limit. You should have plenty of flexibility in choosing.

4) Images must be in the format .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png.  Other formats, such as .bmp may not display properly.

5) Images must be rated T or lower. If you are unsure about your avatar, ask a staff member before you use it.

6) You may use an image from an R-rated movie as long as the image itself fits rule 5.

7) Please note that hotlinking is not allowed!  More information on this can be found here.

If your avatar has been said by a member of the staff to be to large in either pixels or in file size, you can go to http://iaza.com/ if it is a format other than .gif (you can convert it to a .gif as well there too). If your avatar is a .gif (and if it is animated), go to http://gifworks.com/ and work with it there.

****Your image and or text should NEVER personally insult another member of the site. If the staff feels that your avatar will offend a large portion of MNI users, it may be removed at our discretion.

What is a signature? Rules and how to get one.
A signature is text, images, or a combination of these that gets attached at the bottom of every post you make.

To add a signature to a post you must first purchase the ability to display one.  Click on the “diagon alley” link at the top of the page, and enter “Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions.”  Select the “Signature Privileges” for 65 galleons.

Now to create one.  Click on the “my profile” link on the top left of your screen.  Under the ‘Modify Profile’ section, click on the ‘Edit Avatar & Signature’ link.  There will be a box where you can enter your signature.   You can use BB code and smileys as you would in a normal post.  Once created, your signature will automatically appear at the bottom of every post you make.


1) Before you put any images and/or text into your signature read the Forum Rules. Yes it says "General Posting Guidelines" but if you cannot post it then you cannot use it in your signature.

2) They may be a maximum of 200 pixels tall on an 800x600 monitor, including all text and images as well as spaces. Check out the list below for pixels per font size:

All regular, bold or italic text point sizes are 2 pixels taller then the point size is.
-For example 10pt font is 12 pixels high

All regular underlined text point sizes are 6 pixels taller then the point size is.
-For example underlined 10pt font is 16 pixels high

If you use the | character it is 8 pixels taller then the point size.
-For example | at a 10pt font is 18 pixels high

If you use the | character and underline it is 9 pixels taller then the point size.
-For example | at a 10pt font is 19 pixels high

And if you still are unsure have a staff member look at your signature if you are unsure about it.

3) Images in your signature can be a maximum of 600 pixels wide. If you have an image that is less than 600 pixels wide you CAN have text next to it, HOWEVER if you have text you need to temporarily change your screen resolution to 800x600. To do this, right-click anywhere on your desktop and click on "Properties" in the box, then click on the tab "Settings" and simply scroll there till your resolution has changed. For further help please ask. If your image plus text has distorted the page or pushed your text to another line that makes the whole of the signature over 200 pixels tall, then you will HAVE to remove some text.

4) Images in total (not per image) are to be no more than 250kb (256000 bytes). If they are 256001 then it is too much, fix it. (To check, right-click each picture and go down to "Properties.")
*Images at this size or smaller are VERY easy to find, because this is far more than double LiveJournal's size limit. You should have plenty of flexibility in choosing.

5) Images must be in the format .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png.  Other formats, such as .bmp may not display properly.

6) Your entire signature must be rated T or lower. If you are unsure about your signature, ask a staff member.

7) You may use an image from an R-rated movie as long as the image itself fits rule 6.

8) Social networking links are not permitted in signatures and should not be set as website links in your profile if they display your full name or specific information about where you live (specifics about your city/town - state is fine) in any visible place. This means that profiles on sites such as Facebook and Myspace should not be included in your signature or as a website link. Sites like Twitter or Tumblr are more permissible provided that they do not detail your full name anywhere (and, in accordance with Rule 3, do not have any visible profanity).

9) Please note that hotlinking is not allowed!  More information on this can be found here.

If your avatar has been said by a member of the staff to be to large in either pixels or in file size, you can go to http://iaza.com/ if it is a format other than .gif (you can convert it to a .gif as well there too). If your avatar is a .gif (and if it is animated), go to http://gifworks.com/ and work with it there.

****Your image and or text should NEVER personally insult another member of the site. If the staff feels your signature will insult a large portion of MNI users, it may be removed at our discretion.

*there is a handy add-on for Fire Fox users here to measure image and text with.

Why does my image/avatar not show up?
If your image is not showing up when you try to post it, the url you may be linking to may not be a picture url. For images to show on the boards, they need to end in gif, jpg, jpeg, or png. For example:


Some other formats may not show up on the boards, even though they link to a picture. These may include bmp and psd files. Your picture must be a gif, jpg, jpeg, or png file to show up.

Sometimes, even though the link ends in one of the above extensions, it may still not be going to a picture.  This is most often the case with some image hosting services.  If using Photobucket or Imageshack, what you want is the Direct Link.  The best way to ensure you are linking to an actual image is to copy the link, then paste it into the address bar of your browser.  If the link takes you to a page that is blank-white except for your image, you have the right link.  If it takes you anywhere else, you're linking to a page, not an image.

If you are having trouble getting an image into your avatar, but the image follows the above limits, the url may be too long. If you have it in multiple folders in a Photobucket (or similar hosting site) account, try moving it up a couple folders.

If your avatar has been said by a member of the staff to be to large in either pixels or in file size, you can go to http://iaza.com/ if it is a format other than .gif (you can convert it to a .gif as well there too). If your avatar is a .gif (and if it is animated), go to http://gifworks.com/ and work with it there.

If you think all this is correct but still cannot see your avatar or image, do not panic. Take a deep breath and try pressing ‘F5’ or ‘Control’ and ‘F5’ at the same time (‘Option’ and ‘F5’ on a Mac).  This will allow the page to reload properly. If you still cannot see your images, post a bug report in the Feedback/Bug Reporting Forum.

What is hotlinking? Why can I not hotlink?
Hotlinking is when you post a picture that is located on someone else's website. Think of hotlinking like someone walking into your house and plugging their computer into one of your outlets. Not nice, is it? Hotlinking uses up other people's bandwidth, which is usually either very limited or very expensive.

For instance, if I try to post a picture by typing:


and I do not own fake_url.com, then that would be hotlinking unless I have permission from the site owner.

Instead of hotlinking images, get a free account at a place like Photobucket or Walagata. You can upload images there (like your avatar or images in your signature) and link from your account instead of someone else's website. You can host an image at ImageShack without even getting an account. Send a PM to a staff member if you are still confused. We're happy to help. Smile

If we catch you hotlinking, we may remove your avatar or signature and let you replace it with something that is not hotlinked, or remove your ability to have an avatar altogether if the problem continues. We do not want to have to do that, though, so please just do not hotlink.  Wink

How can I return to the thread, instead of the forum, after posting?
Under the Reply Box, while you are entering your message, there is a checkbox that says “Return to this topic.”  If you check that, then after you make your post, you will be taken to the thread.  This is for one-time returns.  To make this always happen, you will need to go to your Profile.  Under the ‘Modify Profile’ settings on the left, click on the ‘Forum Settings’ link.  A checkbox in the middle will state, “Return to topics after posting by default.”  Check that box, and then click the ‘Change Profile’ button.

What is remote loading and what websites allow it?
Remote loading is pretty much the same thing as hotlinking, except that remote loading is "legal" hotlinking. Smile

Photobucket and Walagata both allow remote loading, and you can get one account for free. You can also host an image at ImageShack without even getting an account.

You should also check with your web provider or your school (especially if you go to university) to see if you get any free web hosting space with it. So the resources are not too hard to find if you look around. Smile

Does MNI have a chatroom?
MNI does not have a chatroom in the usual sense of the word, but we do have an IRC channel, which is basically like one big instant messaging chat.

To get to the IRC channel, follow these instructions:
1) Go to mugglenet.com/chat
2) Click on the "Official Chat Applet (powered by pJIRC) [v5.0 Mahogany Wand]" link.  This will launch the official applet.
3) Fill out the information asked of you.
4) Once the applet has loaded, type "/join #mnii" in the bar (without the quotes, of course).

This will take you to the official MNI IRC channel where you can chat with your fellow MNIers!


Please read and be aware of the MuggleNet Chat Rules which apply to ALL channels on the Mugglenet Chat server, including MNI's.  Violation of these rules can result in many unfortunate circumstances that need not be created.  Just follow the rules, kay?

Also, if you're new to IRC, then you might want to read the Network Guide which with introduce the IRC interface to you.

What is the Slug Club? How can I become a member?
To be a member of the Slug Club, you must actively participate in classes and follow all classroom rules.  At the end of each month the Professors will decide who has earned the title the most for that month.  Work hard and you too can become a member. Being a member of the Slug Club is a great honor to be bestowed on, as it shows that you've been recognized by the professors of MNI as being a great student. Members of the Slug Club are awarded the position as Slug Club member, and have access to the special "Slug Club" forum; much like Slughorn in the books would invite members of the Slug Club to his rooms for a party.

Work hard and you too can become a member of the Slug Club!

What colors can I use in my posts?
Thanks to TheLostProphecy74 for this list:

Just type [color=colorname]text[/color] to use any of these. However, please try not to use colors that are difficult to read! Please keep in mind if you Role Play that we have an entirely different set of colors to use. We do NOT use every color on this list here. Please refer to this LINK for RP colors.

Antiquewhite, Aqua, Aquamarine, Azure, Beige, Bisque, Black, Brown, Burlywood, Cadetblue, Cainsboro, Chartreuse, Coral, Cornsilk, Crimson, Cyan, Darkblue, Darkgray, Darkgreen, Darkkhaki, Darkmagenta, Darkorange, Darkred, Darksalmon, Darkseagreen, Darkviolet, Deeppink, Deepskyblue, Dodgerblue, Firebrick, Floralwhite, Fuchsia, Ghostwhite, Gold, Goldenrod,  Greenyellow, Honeydew, Hotpink, Indianred, Indigo, Ivory, Khaki, Lavender, Lawngreen, Lemonchiffon, Lightblue, Lightcoral, Lightcyan, Lightgreen, Lightgray, Lightpink, Lightsalmon, Lightskyblue, Lightyellow, Lime, Limegreen, Linen, Magenta, Maroon, Mediumblue, Mediumpurple, Midnightblue, Mintcream, Mistyrose, Moccasin, Navajowhite, Navy, Oldlace,  Orange,  Orchid, Palegreen, Papayawhip, Peachpuff, Peru, Pink, Plum, Powderblue, Purple, Rosybrown, Saddlebrown, Salmon, Sandybrown, Seashell, Sienna, Silver, Skyblue, Snow, Springgreen, Tran, Treal, Thistle, Tomato, Turquoise, Violet, Wheat, White, Whitesmoke, Yellow, Yellowgreen

What do the different ratings mean?
These are the ratings that you will see around MNI. They are borrowed directly from the Fiction Ratings guide.

K -  Intended for general audience 5 years and older. Content should be free of any coarse language, violence, and adult themes.

K+ -  Suitable for more mature children, 9 years and older, with minor action violence without serious injury. May contain mild coarse language. Should not contain any adult themes.

T -  Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.

M -  Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with possible strong but non-explicit adult themes, references to violence, and strong coarse language.

MNI's forums are rated T, so you are allowed to use swear words that are used in the Harry Potter books or movies, but do not swear at another student or staff member! Also keep in mind that swearing does offend many people, AND that children under 13 do make their way to the site, so do not over-do it.

Better safe than sorry, so if you have any doubts whatsoever about whether your topic is rated T or under, ask a staff member before you post it!!!

How do I take a screenshot?
1. Press Print Screen for a shot of the whole screen, or Alt + Print Screen for a shot of just the active window.

2. Open 'Paint'. In the 'Edit' Menu, choose 'Paste'.

3. Save the file.

Macs: Press Command [Apple] + Shift + 4.

Why do I get an error when I try to post/send an owl?
Is this the error you got?

Method Not Implemented

POST to /mni/index.php not supported.

If so, then this is a known issue.  The cause is somewhere within the content of the post.  The best suggestion we can offer is to check if there is any sort of ‘coding’ material within your post.  This may include dashes ( -- ) on a single line, backslashes ( \\ ), or any php-related coding.  Review what you are trying to post, and try removing any content that may be questionable as code.

Can I have my own forum on MNI?
Yes, but it will cost you.  On the main forum index, there is a section entitled Student Forums.  These are forums that have been purchased by students over the years.  In order to buy your own forum, you should first be aware of the requirements, options, and limitations available.  Please read this post completely before sending in your request.


How much does it cost to purchase a forum?:

If you would like to purchase an open forum, the cost is 4000 galleons. The cost for a private forum (discussed below in more detail) is 6000 galleons. There are many galleon earning opportunities on MNI for you to take advantage of, as shown by the "Where you can earn galleons now" thread, and the high price reflects how many galleons many students have earned since MNI opened in 2007.

Can my friends and I combine our galleons to purchase a forum and be joint-owners?

No. This option was discussed, but ultimately we thought it best to stick to the original policy of allowing forums to be purchased and owned by one individual. This is because, as you all know, sometimes friends have a falling out or people are unable to be on MNI for various reasons. We don't want anything to impact how the forum runs or any confusion on who owns it, and that can happen when one person contributes more galleons toward the purchase than another.

What can I use my forum for?

Very good question. Forums can be purchased for a variety of purposes, but there are certain restrictions.

Forums may not be purchased for Quidditch Teams. The reason for this is because currently the winner of the SNITCH season receives a private forum on MNI for their team and we don't want to take away from that reward.

Forums also may not be purchased simply as a place for friends to hang out and chat, which is not to say that chatting with friends is entirely not allowed in forums. That just can't be the sole purpose of the forum.

Forums can be purchased for clubs that wish to expand beyond one thread as long as the forum purchaser can show that there is enough material to take up the forum space. We don't want forums created that only have a couple threads in there, but we understand that some clubs could really benefit from having an entire forum to really expand their discussions. For example, The Rainbow Club used to be a club in the Club House, and then expanded into a full forum.

Forums may also be purchased that pertain to a specific movie/TV Show/book/book series/or individual. As with clubs, the forum purchaser will have to show what sorts of activities will take place in the forum on their application. This is so we have an idea of how the forum will be structured and so that you, as the purchaser, already have the main threads for your forum set.

Forums may be purchased that deal with a specific topic - such as Expressing the Inexpressible is used to discuss all types of music - as long as the application shows that the topic in question has enough involved to require an entire forum

We encourage everyone who is thinking about purchasing a forum to really think about what sorts of activities will take place in that forum. There will be a place on the application for you to detail your initial ideas and we will be looking at those ideas when deciding whether or not to approve or deny an application. Forums should include multiple threads that deal with different aspects of a topic, and possibly activities related to that topic. If you're having trouble thinking of different threads that might be in your forum, it may work better as a club in the Club House, or as a discussion thread in one of the forums that already exists.

Staff can reject forum requests if, based on the information in the application, it seems like the forum will not have enough activity to warrant its creation, or would be better suited as a Club or discussion in another forum at this time. In this case, we will provide an explanation for why the forum request was rejected so that you can revise your application.

Am I allowed to make my forum private?

We will allow private forums, but on a very strict basis and with an additional cost of 2000 galleons. This means that a private forum will cost 6000 galleons. Unfortunately, private forms do take extra work on the administrative side, as they require an application process as well as additional usergroups for those who are approved for access. If you are interested in purchasing a private forum, you must explain why it needs to be private on your application. We all want MNI to be as open and welcoming as possible for both old and new members.

The one exception to this is if you wish to purchase a forum that you know will touch upon sensitive topics that are generally not allowed to be discussed in the regular forums. In this case, privacy is necessary and the extra 2000 galleons will not be charged. There have, in the past, been forums that included discussion of more mature topics and were primarily geared toward our older users. Some of you mentioned this in the site survey from last year as something you would like to see back. However, if mature topics are discussed they still should be discussed in an appropriate manner.

Who will moderate my forum? Do I get to do that myself?

As a forum owner, you do not get the ability to moderate your own forum. You do, however, set up the structure of the forum, decide what threads should be in there, what threads should be stickied, etc. before it is open to everyone else on MNI.

All student forums will have a moderator who is a Prefect here on MNI and the forum owner will work with their Prefect prior to the forum opening to set everything up. The moderator will keep an eye on things, and will be the "go to" staffer for the forum owner if there are any problems or if they have any ideas they want to implement.

On the application, you will have the option of requesting a specific Prefect to moderate your forum. In some cases there may be a staffer who you feel particularly comfortable working with, or a staffer with whom you share certain interests that pertain to the forum itself. However, requesting a specific moderator does not mean that you will actually get that moderator. It's up to the moderator to decide, in the end, if they have the time to devote to moderating another forum. We don't want any of our Prefects to become overloaded.  You are welcome to check with your preferred Prefect in advance, and ask them if they would be willing to moderate your forum before sending in your application.

If you have no preference as to who moderates your forum, Prefects will have the chance to volunteer to moderate once your application is approved and the first Prefect to volunteer will be the one assigned to you. They will then get in contact with you about how you want to set up your forum.

Can my forum have sub-boards?

Yes, student-owned forums are allowed to have sub-forums, however these cannot be requested with the initial purchase of the forum.  This is because there is no guarantee about how active the forum will be to warrant the need for for a sub.  If the forum has a high level of activity and is in need of further organization, the forum-owner can email in a request for a sub-forum.  

The first sub-forum will be free.  In most cases, we expect the initial forum purchase to considerably deplete the owner's wallet.  The staff do not want to completely exclude the chance for a sub if the forum is in desperate need of further organization, so there will be one freebie sub-forum allowed per student-forum.  All subsequent sub-forums will be 500g and subject to approval.  We want these to be issued on a bases of need.

If my forum proves unpopular, can I get a refund?

If, for whatever reason, the forum-owner decides to close the forum, they are entitled to a partial refund - half of their initial paid amount.  Part of the reason we are so strict on defining the purpose for a forum is to avoid owners simply closing their forums after halfhearted attempts at building them.

However, we know that sometimes it cannot be helped, and a forum is just not as popular as it was expected to be.  In these situations, the forum can be rebuilt from scratch.  The forum-owner is entitled to keep the forum, but redefine it with a new purpose.  In order to reassign a forum, the owner must submit the same application below for their new purpose.  It will undergo the same evaluation process and, if approved, will be redesigned at no additional cost.


The Application:


Forum Name:

Public or Private Forum:

If private, please explain why privacy is necessary:

Moderator Preference (leave blank if no preference):

What will be the purpose of this forum:

Please elaborate on the subject matter of this forum:

What types of activities/threads do you have in mind for this forum (be as specific and detailed as possible):

Anything else we should know:

The application should be filled out by the individual who would like to purchase the forum, who will also become the forum owner if the forum is approved. Once filled out, the application should be emailed to MNIStaff @ gmail.com (no spaces) so that it can be reviewed by Head Staff.

After you have emailed your application, you MUST post in this thread so that we can make sure it has been received and, if your forum is approved, dock the appropriate amount of galleons.



  • Forum Cost: 4000 galleons for an open forum; 6000 galleons for a private forum unless privacy is deemed necessary by staff for content reasons
  • Forum Ownership: Forums can only be purchased and owned by one individual; individuals cannot combine galleons to purchase a forum
  • Forum Content: Forums may not be purchased for Quidditch Teams or for the sole purpose of hanging out with friends; forums may be purchased that deal with a specific topic of interest, movie, book, individual, TV, etc. provided that the forum purchaser provides a clear description of the activities that will take place in that forum.
  • Forum moderation: You may request a specific Prefect to moderate your forum, but the Prefect can decline the request. You do not have to request a moderator and in this case, a Prefect will be assigned to your forum once it's created.
  • Sub Forums: Subs are allowed, but cannot be requested upfront.  The first sub is free while additional subs are 500 galleons.  All subs are subject to approval
  • Refunds: The refund amount is half the initial purchase cost.  However, the forum owner can request a redesign at no additional cost.

House Cup
What are House points?
House points are points that can only be earned during a running House Cup Competition.  There is a running total of the number of points each house has underneath the house shield that leads to their common room on the main forum index.  There is also a running total kept in the House Cup section of the site.  At the end of the competition, the House with the most points wins the House Cup!

What are the House contests?
House contests are special challenges that are only held during a House Cup Competition.  By entering a House contest, you can earn points for your house!  In the past, these contests have ranged from writing stories, creating artwork, puzzles, and working together as a house to complete a goal.  When a contest begins there will be an announcement detailing the challenge, and how to complete it.  Everyone is eligible to enter, so get your housemates together, and get more points for your house!

How can I earn House points?
The most reliable way to earn House points is by entering a House Cup contest.  Points are awarded in large amounts to first, second, third, and fourth places, while all members who participate will always earn a little something for putting in the effort.  House points are also guaranteed through the House Quidditch Season, when the four Hogwarts Houses on MNI create Quidditch teams to challenge each other out on the pitch.

House points may be earned through regular participation throughout the site, but there is less of a guarantee you will get House points, and not just galleons.  Many of the staff may be looking to give some extra house points for being an active member of the site.  This would include things such as participating in classes, joining in on staff games hosted around the site, or even being helpful to other members.

But be forewarned, that which is earned can also be lost!  House points can be deducted for breaking the rules.

Who won the previous House Cup Competitions?
Ravenclaw won the first competition, with a 104 point lead.
Hufflepuff won the second competition, with a 405 point lead.
Slytherin won the third competition, with a 417 point lead.
Ravenclaw won the fourth competition, final totals were lost.

What are the current House Cup Competition scores?
The scores are listed under the House shields that lead to the common room on the main forum index.  You can also see the scores by visiting the House Cup section of the site.

Where are the winners' entries to the previous Competitions?
Due to data loss as MNI has gone through it's various stages, we have been unable to recover the past entries.

What does the winner of the House Cup get?
Each person who participates earns a little something in galleon awards.  But the overall winner?  Well, that's a surprise.  I can guarantee you this much - there will be no doubt in anyone's mind who won the House Cup.

What is the length of the House Cup Competition?
The House Cup Competition is going to run for 6 months.  The winner, as well as the prize, will be announced on the final day of the Competition.  However, within that 6-month period, a number of contests will appear.  Keep an eye on the MNI Calendar as it will be updated regularly with contest information!

Can I resort during a House Competition?
Of course, you can resort at any time.  However, if you have already begun winning points for the House Cup Competition, any points you win after sorting will continue to go to your original house.  This is to prevent stacking - that is, a group of members resorting to up the points of any one particular house.

Bear in mind that in canon Harry Potter, students of a house cannot re-sort.  We may allow the option to take the sorting test again, but the idea behind the House Cup is to instill pride for the House you are in Wink

What does the Assignments section do?
The assignments section is a place where all the current assignments are displayed so that students can access them more easily.  For each class, the Professor will list any homework or extra credit work here.  You can submit directly from this page by selecting “Submit Homework” at the bottom of the assignment of your choice.

How do I submit homework?
There are two ways you can reach the page to submit homework:

1. Go to the classes index by clicking the link at the top that says "Classes."
{click this for a screenshot}

2. Once you're on the classes index, you'll see a link that says "View Assignments." Click that.
{click this for a screenshot}

3. Once you've clicked that link, you'll see the list of currently open assignments.
{click this for a screenshot}

4. Click the assignment you want to do. Once you've clicked the Assignment, you will see a link that says "Submit Homework."
{click this for a screenshot}

5. You will now be taken to where you actually enter your work.
{click this for a screenshot}

6. Once you're done, click the "Submit" button and the rest is up to me.  Be careful, though! You may only submit assignments once!


1. Go to the classroom and look for the homework thread. Click the thread and you'll see a yellow link.
{click this for a screenshot}

2. You will now be taken to where you actually enter your work.
{click this for a screenshot}

3. Once you're done, click the "Submit" button and the rest is up to me. Be careful, though! You may only submit assignments once!

How can I level-up?
In order to advance through the Years, you will need to attend lessons, turn in Homework, and/or complete Practical assignments. Completion of these items will help you earn points to boost you through the levels.

In order to level-up, the following points must be earned.
80-140 points = First Years
141-260 points = Second Years
261-750  points = Third Years
751-1349  points = Fourth Years
1350-1799  points = Fifth Years
1800-2399 points = (At 2399, take OWLs)
If Pass:
2400-2999 points = Sixth Years
3000-3750  points = Seventh Years (At 3750, take NEWTs)
If Pass:
3750+ Hogwarts Graduate*
(*3750 - 4250: Hogwarts Graduate +1
   4251 - 4750: Hogwarts Graduate +2
   4751 - 5250: Hogwarts Graduate +3
   and so on. )

Points are earned through participation in the various activities throughout the classrooms.

How are classes structured on MNI?
On MNI, you can advance through years 1 to 7 just like you would at Hogwarts. Participating in lessons, completing homework, and working through practical assignments will earn you points in order to advance to the next year.

Classes operate through question and answer question sessions. Check Professors' individual classrooms to see when lessons are available. Do remember that Professors have real-life duties.

Diagon Alley
Why are some items not available in Diagon Alley?
As you have noticed, some items and pets are not yet available to purchase.  These are marked with 'Coming Soon' and 'Not for Sale' signs.  These are items you can expect to see released in the future, in some form or another.  We plan to grow and these are just tastes of what may be to come.  Keep your eyes open for any announcements on items that are being released!

What is an owl? How do I send an owl?
An owl is the same thing as a Private Message (PM). To send an owl, first you need to purchase one from Eeylops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley.  Once you have an owl, simply click on the owl icon on a person’s post, or click on that person’s name, then click “Send this member an owl” at the very bottom of their profile. Type a subject and your message, then click “Send message”.

What are Invisibility Cloaks? How can I get one?
An Invisibility Cloak is an item that allows a user to enter all four house common rooms. This means a Slytherin can enter Gryffindor, a Ravenclaw to Hufflepuff, and so on.

You can purchase an invisibility cloak for 1,000 galleons in Diagon Alley, at Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.  Yes, they are expensive, but they are intended to be rare items, otherwise there would be no purpose in having separate common rooms.  Wink

Does having a different wand give different abilities?
Currently, no.  Each of the wands: Holly, Yew, Willow, Oak, Mahogany, Birch, and Ash, perform the same way in the Dueling Club game.  The non-purchasable wands, the Specialty and Dragonskin wands have plans to perform special functions in the Dueling Club game, but currently are still unavailable for the reason that they are not programmed in yet.  In MNI History, the Dragonskin Wand was never purchasable and only won from beating all 5 levels of the Dueling Club.  This wand was then awarded, allowing the user to move spells up and down using the a/z buttons.  For what they will do in the future… all we can advise to keep your eyes open for any announcements!

Can I name my pets?
You sure can!

You want to start off by purchasing your pet at Diagon Alley.  Owls are only found in Eeylops Owl Emporium, and other pets can be found at the Magical Menagerie.

After you have purchased your pet, go to your profile, and select the 'Inventory' option from the navigation on the left.  Find the pet you have purchased, and on the first column you will see an 'Edit' link.  Click this, and enter in the name you would like to give your pet.  Hit the 'Submit Item Name' button, and voila!  Your pet now has a name.  Smile

How does the sorting hat work?
The sorting hat is based on the Myers-Briggs personality test. In designing the test, we wanted to take the common house traits and expand upon them, rather than rely on the typical house stereotypes (Ravenclaws are all geniuses, Slytherins are all evil, etc.). The test measures four pairs of traits: introvert/extrovert; detail-oriented/big-picture; make emotional, special-circumstance decisions/make logical, consistent decisions; make plans and decisions/keep options open.

Now, we all fit each of those descriptions at some point, but most people have tendencies...ways that they act more than half the time. That is what the test is measuring. However, keep in mind that this is NOT an official Myers-Briggs test, it is just for fun. All four traits are used to determine your character, while the last two pairs are used to determine your house as well. Here are some house and character descriptions to help you interpret your results:

You are Arthur Weasley. You enjoy tinkering with things to find out how they work, as well as discovering different ways to handle problems. You may not always be organized, but you are dependable for things when it matters.

You are Bellatrix Lestrange. You are a detail-oriented schemer, and though you may work with others at times, you prefer to keep to yourself. You often try to think of new solutions for problems.

You are Dobby the House Elf. You are generally very outgoing, and are not afraid to go against the norm and try new ideas. Though you sometimes let your emotions get in the way when making decisions, you are also able to keep them in check when you know it is necessary.

You are Draco Malfoy. You are usually in the company of a small group of people, though there are certain times when you really enjoy attention. You like to scheme and are organized in your planning.

You are Albus Dumbledore. People find you mysterious and you do not open up very often. You prefer to take time to think things through before you make a decision, though in some areas you may find that your emotions rule you.

You are Ginny Weasley. You like attention and hang out with a lot of different people. You are level-headed and enjoy scheming about anything from a plan to get a friend out of trouble to how to get revenge on someone who has wronged you.

You are Rubeus Hagrid. You are very open with people and like trying things that you have never done before. You let your emotions out easily and often act without thinking first.

You are Harry Potter. You usually prefer to be on the sidelines, and don't mind trying out new ways to do things. You tend to hold in your emotions, and making schedules is just not your thing.

You are Hermione Granger. You are extremely practical and prefer to spend your time away from crowds. You are organized and like to schedule things ahead of time. Emotional outbursts from you are rare. You do not let emotions rule you.

You are Luna Lovegood. You are happy keeping to yourself and tend to follow the road less taken. You rarely let your emotions rule you.

You are Remus Lupin. People find you very closed-off and you prefer to not be around large groups of people. You are practical and organized, and do not allow your emotions to rule you.

You are Minerva McGonagall. You do not like being around crowds of people. You are very organized and tend to trust to methods that have worked in the past. You keep your emotions well hidden.

You are Molly Weasley. You like to be around people and are very emotional. You are extremely organized and see the value of making plans ahead of time. You tend to get things done by using methods that have worked in the past.

You are Neville Longbottom. You are uncomfortable being the center of attention, and prefer to be on the sidelines. You tend to get caught up in your emotions, and prefer to take the safe route that you know has worked before.

You are Ron Weasley. You like getting attention, generally. You prefer getting things done using methods you know will work, though you often act without thinking. You usually let your emotions out rather than keep them bottled up inside.

You are Sirius Black. You love being around lots of people. Your emotions can get the best of you, and you tend to act before you think. You are not afraid of trying new things.

You are Severus Snape. You tend to prefer being alone, although you enjoy certain moments in the limelight, especially where you feel you deserve credit for a deed. You are good at controlling your emotions. You are cunning and calculating, and creative in your area of expertise.

The Twins:
You are Fred and George Weasley. You delight in being the center of attention and love experimenting with new things. When something interests you, you enjoy researching it and learning about it.

You are Nymphadora Tonks. You are very outgoing and feisty, and sometimes let your emotions get the better of you. You prefer to take life as it comes, rather than make detailed plans.

You are Dolores Umbridge. You like being around people and are good at coming up with reasons (or excuses) to do something at the last minute. You prefer to use tested, reliable methods to get things done.

You are Lord Voldemort. If you have minions, you probably like to have them handy to do "errands" for you. Otherwise, you prefer to be by yourself. You are good at hiding your emotions, and when something grabs your interest, you will go out of your way to learn more about it.

While you may not have had the chance to display bravery the way Harry and his friends have, your emotions still play a large part in your decision-making. You might be tempted to do something for a friend...or to an enemy...even though you know it is not entirely logical. You like to leave your options open and prefer to make last-minute decisions.

As a Slytherin, your defining trait is ambition. Unlike some of the Slytherins in the books, however, your ambitions are not necessarily selfish. You have some immediate goals and some long-term goals, and you have likely made plans about how you will achieve them. You tend to make unemotional, logical decisions based on the most efficient way to achieve some goal.  

Because you love to learn and discover new information, you tend to look at a problem from all angles so that you can make a logical, unemotional decision about it. Your desire to learn often takes you off-track, and an intention to research one problem might get sidetracked when you discover something else that grabs your attention.

You are a loyal, hard worker. You tend to make decisions based on your emotions and how you feel about a specific problem. You might decide on something inconsistent because of your loyalty to your friends or to a certain cause, but you consider the sacrifice necessary. Because you are such a hard worker, you know how to manage your time well and make plans so that you get as much done as possible.

These are the questions used to determine your house, along with which trait the question is testing for:
1) emotional vs. non-emotional decision
3) planned vs. spontaneous
5) emotional vs. non-emotional decision
7) emotional vs. non-emotional decision
9) planned vs. spontaneous
12) planned vs. spontaneous
13) emotional vs. non-emotional decision
17) planned vs. spontaneous
18) emotional vs. non-emotional decision
20) planned vs. spontaneous

It is up to you to figure out which answer choice is which

Why can't I access the Great Hall when I have purchased the Great Hall Key?
When you purchase the key to the Great Hall it is simply to allow you in for an extended access when an event is happening. You will gain admittance approximately 3 days BEFORE the event and allowed to stay approximately 3 days after the event concludes for the general population.

This key does NOT grant you access to the Great Hall all year round, simply a little before and after a scheduled event.

Special events may include one of the following:

The Halloween Ball
The Yule Ball
Harry Potter Birthday Ball

There are more times that the Great Hall is open for functions that aren't listed here. Keep an eye out in the General Common Room Announcement forum for specific dates and times.

Flourish & Blotts
What is Flourish & Blotts?
Flourish & Blotts is a Harry Potter fan fiction archive, a resurrected feature of the old MNI which allows students to publish and read fan fiction in exchange for Galleons. You do have to pay to publish your fan fiction, but every time a student then purchases your book, you receive Galleons in the form of royalties.

What is fan fiction?
A piece of fiction that borrows characters or places from other books/tv shows/films etc, such as Narnia, Harry Potter, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

What do the different ratings mean?
These are the ratings that you will see around MNI. They are borrowed directly from the Fiction Ratings guide.

K -  Intended for general audience 5 years and older. Content should be free of any coarse language, violence, and adult themes.

K+ -  Suitable for more mature childen, 9 years and older, with minor action violence without serious injury. May contain mild coarse language. Should not contain any adult themes.

T -  Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.

M -  Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with possible strong but non-explicit adult themes, references to violence, and strong coarse language.

MNI's forums are rated T, so you are allowed to use swear words that are used in the Harry Potter books or movies, but do not swear at another student or staff member! Also keep in mind that swearing does offend many people, AND that children under 13 do make their way to the site, so don't over-do it.

Better safe than sorry, so if you have any doubts whatsoever about whether your topic is rated T or under, ask a staff member before you post it!!!

What type of content is allowed?
Allowed*: novels, short stories

Now also allowed:poetry, songfics, drabbles.

Selectively allowed: plays, diaries, letter fics (stories told via letters written to another person or between two or more people).

Not allowed:  textbook-type submissions and interviews.

*Librarians reserve the right to ultimately decide what is approved.

Is there a minimum word limit for chapters?
No. There is no longer a minimum word count. However, keep in mind that stories submitted with just a few words or sentences will most likely be rejected. There still needs to be content in your fanfiction.

How do I submit my fan fiction?
You must create a book before you can submit individual chapters. Please note that chapters are limited to approximately 65,000 characters including any formatting tags. Submissions longer than the allotted length will be cut off.

How much does it cost to publish a book at F&B, and what do I get in return?
Publisher       Publishing Cost   Selling Cost   Royalty   Return Cost
Dust & Mildew           5g                   1g              1g                8s
Whizz Hard               7g                   2g              2g                1g
Obscurus                 10g                  3g              3g             1g, 8s

How should I format my fan fiction?
You should format it as you would a post in the forums. For more about forum tags, see here. The majority of the tags, however, you should not be using, and if you are found using unnecessary tags, your chapter will be edited.

In addition, please arrange your chapters to adhere to a block style of writing rather than the typical indent style.  This means—no indenting paragraphs.  Simply make sure there is one line of space between each paragraph.  For example, this FAQ entry is an example of block formatting.

(This is not a new requirement as it has always been the preferred format for chapters.  However, the Librarians thought they should clarify that this is the preferred format.  All fics that do not adhere to the block paragraph format will be sent back for revisions.)

When will my submission be approved? / How long does it normally take for a Librarian to approve a fic?
It really depends on a lot of things: how many Librarians are available and online, how many fics we have to read through, the length of the fics we have to read through. We ask students to wait two weeks before contacting a Librarian about the state of their fic if they haven't heard anything.

Why was my submission rejected?
Rejection may be due to one of the following:
  • Failure to follow the general site rules.
  • Poor grammar and/or spelling.
  • Does not meet minimum word limit (800 words).
  • Poor grasp of writer's craft.
  • Lack of canon content (faithfulness to the books).
  • Plagiarism. (If you don't know what this is, buy the free article Don't Be a Copy Cat at F&B and find out.)
  • Content is not allowed in Flourish & Blotts.

Please note that the final decision is up to the Librarian who passed judgement on your chapter. Librarians also reserve the right to edit your submission for grammar and spelling errors. We will never edit the content of anyone's submissions.

**UPDATED** Can I review a chapter/book?
We will soon be implementing a review system in Flourish and Blotts.

**UPDATED** I have a suggestion for Flourish & Blotts. What do I do?
We’d love to hear it! First, read the Feedback & Suggestions Thread. This thread not only explains the new process for suggestions, but lists previous suggestions. Then, owl Madam Pince with your idea.

Do you get an owl or e-mail if your book is accepted/rejected from F&B?
Yep, you get an owl once a decision has been made. If your fic is sent back for revisions (a new feature for F&B) or rejected, it may be accompanied by a reason (but not necessarily).

Is there a way to know if my book is bought?
Yes. It will show up in the Award/Dock section of your profile, and in F&B if you click "My Books" and then the book, you can see on the far right how many times each chapter has been purchased.

May I submit my fic to F&B if I already have it posted on a site elsewhere?
Yes, as long as it follows the guidelines. However, the Librarians will contact you on the other site where your fic is posted for confirmation of this. We want to make sure that it is the real author that is posting the fic.

I'm not sure if my fic passes as T-rated. How can I find out without wasting my galleons?
If there are any specific descriptions, paragraphs or phrases that you're concerned might cause your fic to be rejected for going above the T rating, feel free to owl these excerpts to a Librarian - we'll be happy to look them over and, if they do break the rating, advise you on how you can keep your fic within the guidelines.

What is the "Recommended" Feature?
The feature is for fics recommended by the Librarians. If we like it, think it stands out, enjoyed reading it and think it would be enjoyed by others, basically. That's not to say that the fics not recommended aren't good, of course! The recommended feature is for the outstanding fics we feel deserve extra recognition!

**UPDATED** What is the "Spotlight" feature?
A more elite version of the "Recommended" feature. Plus, it will appear on the front page of F&B! Spotlight Books will also be featured for discussion in the Review Thread Forum.

If we bought a book from F&B that we don't care to have anymore, is there any way to get rid of it from our library?
No, the purchases are final.  We did originally have the option to sell back books, but this has led to abuse from several users.  If the option is repaired to prevent abuse, it may return in the future - however for now, there is no option to sell back or return books or chapters that have been purchased.

Can I use colour codes in my submissions?
No. Colours actually make a story harder to read. For emphasising words or passages, you can bold or italicise text.

Can I add a line at the bottom of my chapter listing my beta reader(s) and everyone else who helped?
Yes. Author notes at the bottom or top of submissions are common and you are welcome to insert them as you please. People use these to give credit to beta readers or to add a side note about their fic.

How do I mark my book as ‘complete’?
Under the 'My Books' section of Flourish and Blotts just click the 'Edit' link on whichever story it is you'd like to complete and then click the box marked 'Complete' to checkmark it.

How can I check that my fic has been submitted properly?
Click on ‘My Profile’, then ‘Award/Dock’. From here, you can check to see if any galleons were deducted when your fic went through the system. If so, then your fic is now in our pending lists awaiting a decision. If not, then you need to try submitting the fic again.

My chapter has been sent back for revisions. How do I edit it and send it back?
Click on ‘My Books’ and select the book which contains the chapter for revision. This will bring up a list of all the chapters in the book. Underneath your chapter summary on the far right is a link called ‘Edit’. Click on this, edit the chapter at your leisure, then click ‘Submit’ when you are done. This will automatically place the fic back at the bottom of our pending list, ready for a Librarian’s decision.

If my fic is rejected, will my galleons be refunded?
Nope, sorry!

**UPDATED** Am I allowed to submit a fan fiction by another author if they have given me permission to do so, and I credit them?
No, to post any fan fiction at F&B, it MUST be your own work or you will be fined, warned, and possibly banned from publishing fics at F&B.

What happens if I am suspected of plagarism?
All fics submitted to Flourish and Blotts are checked for plagiarism. If a Librarian suspects a fic has been plagiarized, the original author of the fic will be contacted for confirmation. If that author is indeed the same person that submitted the fic on MNI, then the fic will continue through Flourish and Blotts as usual. If the author confirms that the fic has been plagiarized, then the plagiarist will meet the following consequences as of July 17, 2010:

•   1st offense: dock 10 galleons per submission, user will be owled a warning, and there will be a record of the docking and owl in Librarian records.
•   2nd offense:  Same as above
•   3rd offense:  Same as above, plus 7-day ban
•   4th offense: Same as above, plus 10-day ban
•   5th offense: Same as above, plus 2-week ban
•   6th offense: Permanent site ban

What do I do if I've accidentally submitted my chapter more than once?
1. Owl a Librarian letting them know of the situation, including the title of your book and chapter, and whether you plan on submitting more chapters for this book in future or not.
2. If you have no plans of submitting further chapters, the Librarian will reject your duplicate chapter(s).
3. If you are going to submit further chapters, the Librarian will send the chapters back to you. When you are ready to submit another chapter, simply paste the text into the one sent back to you. This helps to prevent chapters getting mixed up in the future!

I received an owl saying that a Librarian has requested revisions on my chapter. What do I do?
When you receive this owl, it means that for your chapter to be approved and added to F&B, you will have to make one or more changes to it. The changes you need to make could range from taking out a non T-rated word or phrase, to adding paragraph spacing, to getting a beta reader to look over the whole chapter and fixing numerous errors.

When a Librarian has requested revisions, it means you get the chance to make changes to your chapter and resubmit it with absolutely no extra cost to you (if your chapter is rejected, you lose those galleons and have to pay again to resubmit any chapters).

NOTE: You can only edit your chapter if a Librarian has sent it back to you requesting revisions. This option will not be open to you otherwise.

To edit your chapter:
1) Go to F&B. Click on "My Books"
2) Click on the title of your fic. This displays a list of all the chapters in this book.
3) Underneath the chapter in question, you should see something that looks vaguely like this:

Cost: 1g | Submitted Today at 19:37:03 | Currently needing revisions | Edit | Delete

4) The "Edit" and "Delete" words are clickable. Click on "Edit" and you will be taken to a screen that lets you edit your chapter summary and the chapter itself.
5) Once you are done editing, click "Submit" and the chapter will be placed back in F&B's pending queue.

NOTE: If you click "Delete", you will be asked to confirm that you want to delete this chapter. If you click "Yes" then the chapter will be deleted entirely. You will not get a refund, and we cannot retrieve it because it will have been completely removed from the system.

If you have any further questions, feel free to owl a Librarian. Smile

Why has only half of my chapter/book summary appeared? / Why has some of my chapter/book summary been cut off?
There is a character limit of 250 (including spaces) on the chapter and book summaries. If a Librarian notices that your summary has been cut off halfway through, they will owl you and give you the opportunity to change it before it is published.

If you notice that your summary has been cut off after your fic has been published, you may owl a Librarian with your new summary and ask them to change it for you. Remember that it must contain 250 characters or less for it all to appear.

A friend and I want to co-author a fic and both receive the profits for it. How do we go about this?
Unfortunately there is currently no way for two people to receive the profits for the same book/chapter, and no way for two authors to be listed as having published the same book/chapter.

Past solutions for those who have co-authored fics at F&B include:

  • Splitting the fic into two parts and having one person publish the first half and the other person publish the second half.
  • Alternating the chapters - one person publishes the odd-numbered chapters, and the other publishes the even-numbered chapters.

Having one person publish all the chapters and then asking a Librarian to split the profits between two authors manually is not an option. The person who publishes a fic is the person who receives the profits, and you are free to work out who gets which profits between yourselves.

To avoid confusion and unnecessary plagiarism investigations, it is advised that you owl a Librarian about your plans to co-author before you both start publishing chapters.

**NEW** Can I submit multiple chapters of a fic at once?
While the Flourish and Blotts submission system currently allows this, the Librarians ask that you do not submit multiple chapters at once. This slows down the queue for many reasons. If one of the chapters has to be sent back for revisions, then your other chapters may get published out of order. Or, if the fic has been suspected of plagiarism, then the whole book will sit in the queue until we get confirmation from the original author. Also, this repeatedly would put an author at the top of the purchasing page, which is unfair to the other authors.

If you do submit multiple chapters of a fic at once, the Librarians may send back your fic at their discretion.

**NEW** Can I submit a crossover fan fiction piece?
Due to keeping Flourish & Blott's all Harry Potter fan fiction, we will not be allowing the submission of crossover pieces. This makes it easier for beta readers to stay familiar with the content as well as for the Librarians to approve submissions.

Role Play
What is Roleplay?
Here on MNI Roleplay is a text based RPG in which you can assume the identity of both original and canon characters. Roleplay can range from original plots within the Harry Potter universe, to recreations of canon timelines (Marauder Era, first wizarding war, etc.), or even to fandoms outside the world of Harry Potter such as The Hunger Games, X-Men, and Twilight.

On MNI we also have a section of Roleplay known as MNI Wide. MNI Wide RP is a continuous plotline that spans across forums in which the players assume the identities of original characters created to interact in the canon timeline of the Harry Potter universe. It sticks as close to canon as possible using original characters created to be part of the world which J.K. Rowling created for us. Since Harry Potter has ended, however, MNI Wide has developed new plots and conflicts for the Wizarding World so that original characters created before the end of Deathly Hallows still have a world in which to play. It should be noted that you are by no means required to participate in MNI Wide in order to participate in Roleplay around MNI.

What are the Roleplaying Rules?
1.   First and foremost, all standard MNI Rules apply in Roleplay.

2.   Be respectful. We have people here of all ages and all different skill levels when it comes to writing. Everyone should be able to enjoy roleplaying here on MNI, so please make sure you are respectful of all users you come across.

3.   All roleplay must use color for actions, white for speaking, and yellow for out of character. A full list of colors that can be used for action (and speaking, if you choose not to use white) can be found here. The colors you choose for your actions (whether it’s a hex code, or a color from the list) should *always* be easy to read against the blue background of MNI. If you are unsure whether your hex code is legible against the MNI background, please feel free to owl a forum moderator for assistance.

4.   Do not change the size or style of the font that you roleplay in. Smaller fonts are sometimes difficult for moderators to read, and the same goes for smaller font sizes. All fonts and text size used in roleplay must be left as site defaults.

5.    Godmodding and Powerplaying are not allowed. (Click the link for further explanations of Godmodding and powerplaying)

6.   Out of Character (OOC) only posting is not allowed.

7.   In order to post in the roleplay section of MNI, you must create a roleplay profile. You can create as many roleplay profiles as you would like for different characters. If you wish to change the name of your profile, you are more than welcome to do so at a cost of 20 galleons, and you may delete the profile if you no longer wish to have it, but if you choose to delete your profile you will not be refunded the galleons you spent on it.  For more information on creating roleplay profiles click here.

8.   Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle roleplays are not allowed. Those have a tendency to become very inappropriate very quickly and we do not want to see them in the RP section, nor do we want to see them during the Holiday Balls in the Great Hall forum.

9.   There is to be absolutely NO explicit sexual activity in roleplay. Kissing, hugging, hand holding, and non explicit touching is allowed, but it should not go further than that. If you feel the need to roleplay out that sort of thing, then you will need to fast forward before it gets graphic. If you feel the need to roleplay something more explicit than we allow in the main forums and are at least 17 years of age, you may look into applying to the Maison d’Obscurité forum for older roleplayers. (For more information on joining private forums click here).

Additionally, rape should NEVER, under any circumstance, be roleplayed out here on MNI. It will not be tolerated, and if we see you doing it, you will immediately receive a permanent site wide ban from MNI, and you will not be welcomed back at another time.

10.   Double posting IS allowed in roleplay if you are using separate roleplay accounts. If you want to double post with the same roleplay profile, however, you must wait at least ONE HOUR before posting again. If you feel you missed something in your post the first time around, you can edit it, but do not double post with the same account in rapid succession.

11.   You cannot delete your posts in the roleplay forum. You will notice that you don’t even have the option to do so. If you find that something needs to be deleted (because perhaps someone spammed your thread), then you can contact one of the roleplay moderators and they will delete the post for you.

12.   If you post in a foreign language you must provide an out of character translation.

13.   Your roleplay posts should never consist of speaking only. Try to post with a bit of description and action along with your speaking.

14.   You may not pass someone else’s character work or roleplaying off as your own. If we find that you are plagiarizing people’s roleplay you will be docked at least 10 galleons for the first offense.

15.   Smiley faces and emoticons cannot be used in Roleplay. You will not be punished if we see one in an out of character note, but there should NEVER be any smiley faces in the body of your post for any reason. Additionally, if we see you use excessive smileys (3 or more) within one out of character post, you will be warned also.

16.   Once a month, on the 1st of the month, the Roleplay forums will be cleaned of threads that have not been posted in at least once in the last month. If you are concerned about losing your roleplay, make sure you have saved anything that you are worried about losing.

17.   Please do not restart your own threads. Once your threads have hit 45 pages, a Roleplay prefect will come along and restart your threads for you.

Who are the Roleplay Moderators?
If you have any questions you may feel free to contact any of the roleplay moderators on the site at any time. Your roleplay mods are:
marissa lily potter
siriusly rad ginge

Head staffer in charge of Roleplay: Wings of a Butterfly

There are also several other Head Staffers involved in roleplay that you should feel free to contact with any questions:


Guide to Roleplay Infractions
Roleplay infractions consist of any action which goes against the rules that the Prefects or Head Staffers have to speak with you about.  When you begin roleplaying in a specific forum always make sure you take a look at the rules thread posted in that forum. For the most part, the rules of roleplay here on MNI are the same across all forums, however, there are certain forums that have rules a bit different from those on the general boards. The Maison d’Obscurité, for example, has looser content rules because it is a private forum for users that are over the age of 17. Another example would be the Non MNI Wide Hogwarts forum, which adheres strictly to canon roleplay.

Here is a list of what will happen should we come across you breaking the rules here in the Roleplay section:

Infraction 1, 2 and 3 - Warning, 0 galleons removed a note in your award/dock page and an owl
Infraction 4 - Docking of 1 to 10 galleons based on offense
Infraction 5 - Docking of 1 to 10 galleons based on offense
Infraction 6 or more result in a seven (7) day temporary ban from the site.

If you reach 6 infractions and serve a temporary site ban, upon your return, you will have one more chance. Should you continue to break the rules, a permanent site wide ban from MNI Will result.

Keep in mind that the severity with which you are punished for breaking the rules will vary depending on the severity of the rule in which you break. We do not tolerate rudeness to other students, or to other staffers on this site, nor do we tolerate any sort of rule breaking that results in threats of violence or harm in any way towards other users.

The roleplay moderators will always treat you with respect, and you should treat them the same way. If you ever feel that a roleplay moderator has unfairly punished you, or you were simply confused about the rules, you may feel free to contact them for further explanation, and if you are uncomfortable contacting them you can feel free to contact any of the Head Staffers involved in roleplay listed above.

Roleplay Profiles
In order to roleplay here on MNI you must have a roleplay profile. A roleplay profile is a separate profile for your character in which you can add avatars and signatures for them, and you can also include your character’s physical description, affiliations, and biography in a roleplay profile.

How many galleons does a roleplay profile cost?

Your first roleplay profile will be free, and after that your profiles will cost galleons with the amount increasing as you purchase more profiles, but it will never cost you more than 30 Galleons for a roleplay profile. Here is the full list of prices after your first (free) profile:

2nd and 3rd - 5 galleons
4th and 5th - 10 galleons
6th and 7th - 15 galleons
8th and 9th - 20 galleons
10th and 11th - 25 galleons
12th and up - 30 galleons

How do I create a Roleplay Profile?

To create a Roleplay profile use the link at the top of your screen that says “my profile.”  Click on the link that says “Create Character”  

Once you have clicked on create character this is the section in which you will choose your username for the profile, and then you can fill in your character’s information.  

Can I make my roleplay profile anonymous?

Yes, you can! If you want to make your roleplay profile anonymous so that others do not know who is roleplaying them, then simply check off “Yes” in the spot where it asks if you would like to make your profile Private. Keep in mind that for moderation purposes the staff can see who plays all profiles even if they’re anonymous.

Can I change the Character Screenname for my roleplay profile?

Yes! You can. If you would like to change the screen name for your character profile, you may do so. Each profile screen name change will cost 20 Galleons, which will be automatically charged to your account upon submitting your edits.

Can I delete my Character Profile?

Yes, if you wish to delete an old character profile that you no longer use, or one that you don't want anymore you are more than welcome to do so, but you will not be refunded the galleons you paid for the profile should you choose to delete it.

Can I make my profile an MNI Wide Profile?

MNI Wide will welcome any and all interested users, however, keep in mind that there is an application process in order to be considered MNI Wide. The option to make your character MNI Wide is still in your character creation profile, but please note that you will not be considered MNI Wide unless you have gone through and been accepted by the application process. For more information on becoming part of MNI Wide Roleplay Click Here

How do I edit my roleplay profile once it’s been created?

To edit your roleplay profile you will need to click on the “my profile” link again at the top of the page, and this time, instead of choosing the link on the left hand side that says “Create Character” you’re going to click on the name of the profile that you created. You may edit your profile from there, and once you’re done scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Save” button to make sure all of your changes are saved!

Roleplaying in Color
You may be wondering why we have the color rules in regards to roleplay that we do here on MNI. We ask that users use color for their actions because it is easier to separate out speaking from action and thought.

Out of Character notes in posts (also known as OOC) should always be shown in yellow, and that is to clearly distinguish the out of character portion of the post from the body of the post. As such, your character’s roleplay action color should never be yellow, nor should it be a close variant of the color.

To insert color into your post you simply use a color code tag without asterisks like this:
[*color=indigo]The text of your post goes here[/*color]

With the color code inserted, your post should come out looking like this:
The text of your post is now in color

White is only to be used as a speaking color, but that is not to say that white is the ONLY speaking color that you can use in RP, there are a few colors that you can use for speaking, and they are shown below.

Here is a full list of colors for speaking and action that you may use here on MNI in Roleplay. Also, keep in mind that you can use hex codes for your color tags, but they MUST be legible against the MNI Background.

The colors you may use for roleplay are as follows unless stated otherwise:


Aqua  Darksalmon  Lightgreen  Navy  Salmon  
Aquamarine  Darkseagreen  Lightpink  Orchid  Sandybrown  
Black  Deepskyblue  Lightsalmon  Palegreen  Skyblue  
Chartreuse  Greenyellow  Lightskyblue  Pink  Springgreen  
Coral  Hotpink  Lime  Plum  Thistle  
Cyan  Indigo  Limegreen  Powderblue  Turquoise  
Darkblue  Lawngreen  Maroon  Purple  Violet  
Darkkhaki  Lightblue  Midnightblue  Rosybrown  Yellowgreen  
Darkred  Kickassgreen  Atomictangerine  Ticklemepink  Orange  

**If you choose to use Kickassgreen, Ticklemepink, or Atomictangerine as your roleplay colors, please note that they do not work with the traditional tag. So, [color=*kickassgreen]Text goes here[/*color] does not work. Instead, you will need to code your tags like this: [*kickassgreen]text goes here[*/kickassgreen], without the asterisks, of course.

Out of Character (OOC) ONLY

Godmodding and Powerplaying

Godmodding is the practice of making your character “god-like” or impervious to harm in any sort of situation they may be involved in. It also includes, but is not limited to, the action of making your character all powerful and the best at everything they try to do. It’s no fun to play with someone who god mods with their character, and it should be avoided at all costs, and that sort of one sided roleplay is not allowed here on MNI.


Powerplaying is the practice of dictating what happens to someone ELSE’s character. For example:

Caleb sat in a chair outside his apothecary watching the people pass by in Diagon Alley. He saw Tina coming up the street and stuck his leg out in front of her. Tina tripped and fell over, and she also got stuck in the wall.

In this situation, Caleb has now powerplayed Tina’s character, not by sticking his leg out to trip her, but rather also roleplaying out what happened to her character.  Powerplaying could have been avoided here if the exchange had happened as follows:

Caleb sat in a chair outside his apothecary watching the people pass by in Diagon Alley. He saw Tina coming up the street and stuck his leg out to see if she would trip as she walked past

In this example, Caleb gives Tina the option of tripping over his leg, or seeing it and stepping around. Her response might go something like this.

As Tina walked down the narrow street of Diagon Alley with her nose in a book, she didn’t see Caleb’s leg sticking out right in front of her. She couldn’t avoid tripping when she felt her foot catch, and as she fell over she got stuck in the wall.

As you can see, the same outcome was achieved from the first post, however, Powerplaying was avoided by Caleb performing one action and leaving it open to Tina to decide what happened to her character.

Powerplaying is not limited to physical action though. Your character should never be able to read the internal thoughts of another character without their express permission, and furthermore, you should never use Out of Character knowledge for In Character benefit and gain in roleplay as that will also be considered powerplaying.

If, for some reason, powerplaying is necessary in a roleplay, you must be given permission by the participating character’s roleplayer and it must be noted in a small out of character note at the bottom of the post: Permission to Powerplay Granted

Canon and Half Breeds
Canon roleplay consists of a strict adherence to the world J.K. Rowling has created for us.  We do not require that all Roleplay on MNI follows the canon, however the Non MNI Wide Hogwarts forum consists of Canon only roleplay. What does that mean? Well, it means that in the Hogwarts RP forum, each roleplayer should think about how J.K. Rowling describes it and they should stick to the ‘rules’ that she has set out for it. There will be no muggle electronic devices, people that are no longer in school shouldn’t just be hanging around Hogwarts, and aside from the specific half breeds that we know of in the series, there should be no random half breed characters running around Hogwarts (No half centaurs, half merpeople, no half phoenixes etc.).

What are the halfbreeds that we’ve seen in the series, and which of them are allowed at Non MNI Wide Hogwarts?

We have seen werewolves, half-giants, and half-veela make appearances in the Harry Potter series, and those will be allowed, however, one should take into consideration how rare those sorts of things are, and not everyone should be running around as a half breed.

Vampires are not considered half breeds, and as J.K. Rowling described them, they are not seen out in public and cavorting with humans in the series, so we should not see a bunch of Vampires running around the Hogwarts forum area.

Animagi and Metamorphmagi are not considered half breeds either, and you are free to give your character those qualities, however, it should also be taken into consideration how rare these things are, and every character should not be one of them either.

Posting with Substance
When we ask that you post with substance, generally we are requesting that you post with something more descriptive than a post that consists of only one simple sentence.

For example:

Betty Sue walked in and sat down.

Someone responding to that post wouldn’t have too much to go off of, thus we don’t consider that post to be one with too much substance to it.

A similar short post that does contain substance might be consistent of something along these lines:

Betty Sue entered the Gryffindor Common room, shivering slightly after being outside in the snowy day. She spied a friend sitting on one of the couches and went over to take a seat next to her, and she greeted her friend warmly. “Hello Jane, how are you?”

As you can see, that post, though it’s short, consists of much more content than simply having your character walk in and sit down. It gives the person you’re roleplaying with something to respond to.

When posting with substance, feel free to have your character to observe their surroundings, write about the things going on around them, and write about their thoughts as they interact in the situations you’ve put them in.

Explicit roleplay content of the non sexual nature
By now, you have already read about the no sex rule here on MNI in Roleplay. In this section, explicit content refers to other things that may be of a sensitive nature. When roleplaying on MNI keep in mind that we consider this a family site where people of all ages can come and enjoy themselves. We have some users as young as 8 or 9 years old, and we like to keep the content of the site family friendly.

When you’re roleplaying, we do not want to stifle your creativity, but extremely graphic violence is always something that you should be weary of. If you’re worried that something you’re writing might be to explicit, please feel free to owl a roleplay mod or head staffer and ask.

There should never be any explicit or gratuitous drug use going on in roleplays in the section. It is one thing if it’s written into your character, an addiction they have, but we do ask that you do not simply have roleplays solely to have your characters sit around and take illegal drugs.

Lastly, cutting and self harm in roleplay, I will divert your attention to the SI rule that we have here on MNI, and ask that you adhere to that in roleplay as well:

There has been a recent trend on MNI of glamorization of self-injury (“cutting”) and suicide.  MNI does not support the glorification of self-injuring behavior and developed a new self injury (SI)/suicide/depression policy.  The purpose is to:

1.  Provide individuals struggling with SI, depression, and suicidal ideation with a safe environment to find support and understanding.

2.  Keep the site material appropriate for users of all ages.

3.  Minimize the glorification of self-injuring behavior so as not to cause relapses in individuals who are already dealing with SI and related problems and so as not to encourage others who have not SIed in the past but are inclined to start.  Both teen suicide and SI are epidemics, and we do not want to start one here on MNI.


Graphics:  Graphics (avatars, signatures, or any graphics contained in posts) may not contain images or text that glorify SI, depression, or suicide.  Please keep in mind a picture is worth a thousand words.  A graphic suicide avatar may be a dangerous trigger for an MNIer dealing with severe depression.  It is also not appropriate to be viewed by our younger users.  We’re not asking you to put Mary Poppins in your avatar, merely to express your personality in a way that will not cause fellow users anxiety/psychological distress.

Posting:  MNIers have, in the past, been very honest about their struggles with SI, depression, and suicide.  You have our respect and our support for your willingness to share your personal struggles.  We would like to encourage you to keep sharing and to realize that you aren’t alone.  It is our goal to provide a safe and supportive environment for you so you can continue to do so.  The guidelines below are meant to foster/create that environment.
All posts relating to SI, severe depression, and suicidal ideation must be limited to the Voices forum, personal journals in the Chamber of Secrets forum* and designated threads in house common rooms** (such as Slytherin’s To Write Love on Her Arms thread).  The purpose is not censorship, but to protect both SIers and non-SIers. Individuals who SI can find support and understanding in a safe environment, where appropriate support and guidance may be provided. These threads allow for people who SI to talk to others who understand rather than in mixed groups of MNIers who may or may not be well-informed concerning SI, depression, or suicide.  Also younger users may not be prepared for serious SI discussion, making it an inappropriate topic for chat threads, clubs, etc.

All posts concerning SI or suicide should deal with the individual’s emotions rather than the physical results of SI/suicide.  A fixation on blood and razors may provide a dangerous trigger to some users and does not address the underlying issues that cause SI/depression/suicidal ideation.

Do not use SI to manipulate the behavior of others.  This is mercifully a rare scenario, and we are not implying that this is characteristic of people who SI, but it has been seen on this site.  Do not ever tell any other MNIer that their behavior towards you has caused you to cut or SI.  This is bullying and psychologically damaging to others and will not be permitted on this site.   If you do feel that certain people on this site trigger SI episodes for you, we would encourage you to end these relationships, rather than blaming them for SI.

Fabrication of SI/depression/suicide stories are not permitted.  If you do not cut, please do not pretend that you do.  Despite the trend on this site, cutting, depression, and suicidal ideation are not glamorous.  The lie is not harmless and can cause damage to other users, both those who SI and those who do not.  Also, do not turn SI/depression/suicide into a joke.  It is not amusing to people who struggle with these issues on a daily basis.

If you have any questions about what is or is not permitted, please contact a groundskeeper for graphics-related questions and contact prefects or head staff for post-related questions.  If you do not know the staffers on this site, a staff list can be found here.

Helpful Links:

MNI links:
Voices forum
To Write Love on Her Arms (Slytherin)

Non-MNI Links: (taken from Slytherin’s TWLOHA thread)
To Write Love on Her Arms (official site)
Self Injury: A Struggle A community to learn and talk about it.
Secret Shame: Self-Injury Information and Support
National Institute Of Mental Health: Depression
Eating Disorders
National Eating Disorder Association
Symptoms of Clinical Depression

*When posting material related to SI/depression/suicide in a Chamber of Secrets journal, please provide a disclaimer indicating there is "mature" or "sensitive" content.  This disclaimer can be located in the thread title OR in the first post OR at the beginning of an SI/depression/suicide related post.

** If your house common room does not have a designated SI/depression/cutting thread but you feel there is a need for one, please bring it up with your house prefects.

Roleplay Terms and Definitions
These terms and definitions were put together by Xxanica

Frequently Used Terms in Roleplay

I know that there are a lot of terms floating about related to Roleplaying and that, especially when first becoming involved in Roleplay, these terms might be a bit confusing. The terms below are ones that you may encounter on a frequent basis when Roleplaying around MNI. You should also check out the information on Powerplaying and Godmodding at THIS link. If you come across a term that's not on this list and you think it should be, don't hesitate to Owl (PM) Xxanica

Action Colors

On MNI, action and speech in Roleplay posts are separated through using different colors for each. The reason for this is that, by having different colors for your character's actions and what they are saying, it's easier to hone in on specific details within a post. For example, it's sometimes very important to take into account another character's actions (if, for example, you're having a snowball fight) in order for your own character to react. In other cases, a character might not be performing a great deal of action, but what they are saying is of extreme importance (for example, if you are dueling another character you want to easily be able to pick out spells thrown from action).

Not all colors should be used as action colors. Certain colors do not show up well on MNI (Blue, Red, Brown, and Green) and certain colors are reserved for speech and Out-Of-Character insertions into posts (described below).

At THIS link you can find a list of all the acceptable colors for your character's actions and speech.


Canon can refer to one of two things in Roleplay. A Canon Roleplay is one that adheres to the guidelines set by the book/movie/play it is based on with regard to the world it's set in. It can expand on that world, but does not directly contradict what has been set out by the original author. Canon characters are those characters originally in the story - the characters made up by the author, not characters of the Roleplayers creation. A Canon Roleplay may include Non-Canon (original) characters, and a Non-Canon Roleplay may include Canon characters (for example, a Roleplay that has Harry, Ron, and Hermione traveling to a different world would be considered Non-Canon, but would include Canon characters). At the same time, many Canon Roleplays (ones that take place during the trio's years at Hogwarts, or the marauder's era) include characters created by the Roleplayers themselves as well as Canon Characters to help drive the plot along.

In Character (IC)

In character refers to the bulk of a roleplay post and is made up of the speech and actions of the character themselves. In character, or IC, refers to what your character is thinking, acting, and saying, which might be very different from what the Roleplayer themselves think or act like. Always remember that if someone's character insults your own character, it is most likely not the Roleplayer themselves insulting you. Additionally, the In Character portion of a post has specific color rules, which can be found here

Literate (Lit.)

You may see some Roleplay threads with the word "Literate" or "Lit" somewhere in their titles. These terms are used by the thread starter to let other Roleplayers know that they have certain expectations regarding posts made in their thread. "Literate" threads generally contain rather long posts of 5 or 6 paragraphs. Those posts will be very detailed, contain few spelling or grammar mistakes (of course no one is perfect all the time), and be well-structured so that they flow easily for the reader. It should be emphasized that the "Literate" designation is not meant to scare people away. It is simply a way for a thread starter to tell other Roleplayers that they are looking for participants to really put a lot of effort into their posts to make them detailed, grammatically correct, and lengthy in many cases. These terms are used in NON MNI Wide RP. MNI Wide does NOT use these terms to distinguish their writing.


MNI-Wide Roleplay on MNI refers to a single, specific, plotline that takes place over various forums within the Roleplay section. The MNI-Wide universe adheres rather strictly to the plot set out by JK Rowling in the series (although there are inevitable differences). There is an entire forum dedicated to MNI Wide RP. Please feel free to apply to the forum via your profile.

While it may seem confusing at first, the important points to remember are that MNI-Wide is a plotline, not a style of Roleplay. There are many Roleplays that make use of several forums, but only those Roleplays that take into account the MNI-Wide plotline and take place in the MNI-Wide section are considered part of the MNI-Wide universe.

For more information on MNI-Wide, or if you have any questions, you can either ask them in this forum or contact:

Wings of a Butterfly


Like Canon, Non-Canon refers to those Roleplays that do not strictly follow the plotline or incorporate characters from the books/movies/plays/shows they are based on. These Roleplays may take place in a world entirely of the Roleplay creator's imagination. There are Roleplays that include Canon characters (Harry, Frodo, Bella, etc.) that do not take place in the same world as the story, or take place in a world that is similar (based on the canon world but with some vast changes). There are also, as mentioned when talking about Canon, Roleplays that take place within a canon world but incude Non-Canon characters (characters created by the Roleplayers).

Non MNI-Wide

Non MNI-Wide Roleplays are all those that do not fit into the MNI-Wide plotline. These Roleplays include both HP and Non-HP roleplays, and occur in every forum aside from those forums and subforums specifically used for MNI-Wide Roleplay. The important thing to remember is that Non MNI-Wide Roleplays may take place over multiple threads and have plots that are played out in multiple forums, but if a Roleplay does not incorporate the existing MNI-Wide plotline then it is not MNI-Wide.

It should also be emphasized that there are many absolutely amazing Roleplays developed by your fellow Roleplayers that do not fit into the MNI-Wide universe. Just because a rolelpay is not MNI-Wide does not mean it isn't wonderful.

Open Threads

When a thread has the word "Open" in the title, this means that the thread starter does not mind if other Roleplayers join their thread without contacting them first. They are completely willing to Roleplay with anyone who wishes to join in, although it is important to always read what is already posted in the thread so you know what is going on when your character enters.

Out of Character (OOC)

Out of Character, or OOC, refers to those parts of a Roleplay post that are not either your character's actions or speech. OOC should never occur alone in a post and should always be attached to a post containing your character's actions and speech. OOC statements generally occur at the bottom of posts and are (and should be) used sparingly in cases where it's important for you to get a message out to the other people you are Roleplaying with. Additionally, OOC statements are sometimes added to posts when a Roleplayer gives another Roleplayer permission to Powerplay (see above for definition) their character. In these cases you will see a small, yellow statement say "Permission to PP granted" or something similar.

Out of character statements are ALWAYS colored yellow or a similar color. A list of appropriate colors for OOC statement can be found HERE

Private Threads

When a thread has the word "Private" in the title, this means that the thread is not open for anyone to post in. Usually these threads involve a pre-determined group of Roleplayers. If you are looking through a Roleplay with the word "Private" in the title and you feel really strongly about joining the Roleplay because it interests you, the best thing to do is to Owl the Roleplayer (if their profile is public) or to owl a Roleplay Prefect (if their profile is anonymous). Sometimes a Roleplayer will be willing to allow someone to join in and they just don't want multiple people joining and taking over their plot. Sometimes they will prefer to keep their Roleplay private. Most Roleplayers, however, will be willing to start up a new thread with you if you're interested in Roleplaying with them.

Semi-Literate (Semi-Lit)

Like the term "Literate", the term "Semi-Literate' (sometimes abbreviated as Semi-Lit) refers to many qualities of a post that the thread starter expects each participant to adhere to. Semi-Literate posts are generally a few paragraphs in length and may not be as detailed as "Literate" posts. Additionally, they may have more spelling and grammar errors that detract from their readabiilty. The term "Semi Literate" is generally used in thread titles when the thread starter does not want to be extremely strict about the length the posts in their thread should be, nor are they looking for posts with perfect spelling, grammar, and adherence to detail (canon or otherwise). These terms are used in NON MNI Wide RP. MNI Wide does NOT use these terms to distinguish their writing.

Speaking Colors

Like the action colors mentioned above, there are certain colors reserved for a character's speech in a post. This helps to separate speech from action, especially in posts where there is a lot going on and posts that are lengthy. Speech colors tend to be light - variations of white and off white - so as to easily separate them from actions and action colors should never be used as speech colors, nor should speech colors be used for actions within a post.

A list of appropriate speech colors can be found HERE.

Where is the Quizzes section?
MNI Quizzes can be found in Diagon Alley, at Gringotts. Alternatively, you can go directly there by clicking this link.

What are quizzes for?
The quizzes are a challenging way for you to earn galleons at any time.  You can take them at your leisure, and as long as you do not answer a question wrong, you can come back at any time to try it again.  Different quizzes will be available at various times, so be sure to keep coming back!

Can I create a quiz?
Yes, you can.  Visit the Quiz section, and on the left-hand side is an option to “Submit a Quiz.”  If our Quizmistresses are accepting submissions, you can follow the on-screen directions to create your own quiz.  After submitting, our Quizmistresses will review the information and determine whether to approve or reject the submission.  Submitting a quiz costs 2 galleons so make sure that the quiz is interesting.

Can I take a quiz more than one time?
No, you cannot.  If you successfully complete a quiz, you cannot take it again.  If you miss a question, it is over.  There are no second chances, so you should be sure of your answers before continuing.  If you believe there is a discrepancy with a quiz, you can bring it to the attention of our Quizmistresses by posting here.

What do I need to do to win galleons in a quiz?
You must answer all the questions correctly.  There are no partial winnings for making it half-way.

If I choose the wrong answer to a question, do I get to continue the quiz?
Unfortunately no, you will not get to finish the quiz if you choose the wrong answer to any given question. Please keep this in mind and choose your answers carefully.

Ask Snape
What is Ask Snape for?
Ask Snape is an MNI feature that allows users to familiarize themselves with MuggleNet Interactive while having fun.  If you ask him a question, he will provide you either a remark in his usual snippy form, or give you an answer.  He also works directly with the F.A.Q., and if there are any connections, he can point you in the right direction.

How do you come up with Snape responses for the Ask Snape feature?
Ask Snape responses are either created by the staff, borrowed from the Harry Potter books, or inspired by information we read.

Can I make suggestions for Ask Snape?
Yes, you can.  From the main Ask Snape page, under the picture is an option to suggest a response.  Please be aware that not all suggestions are accepted.  If a suggestion does is not canon with Snape’s personality in the books, or if the information has no relevance, it may be rejected.

Chamber of Secrets
What is the Chamber of Secrets?
In the second Harry Potter book, the Chamber of Secrets is a hidden location within Hogwarts school that was created by Salazar Slytherin.  Within the Chamber, Slytherin left a Basilisk - a giant snake capable of killing by simply looking into it's eyes.

Here on MNI, the Chamber of Secrets (often abbreviated CoS) is much different.  Here, it is a forum where you can write and keep your own Journal, based on the idea of Riddle's Diary.

Small history lesson concerning the Chamber of Secrets:

MNI opens, it goes down, the very first temp site is born.

While on this site then quizmaster/prefect Dark-Lord (aka Elliot) thought it’d be nice to start up a forum that would be dedicated to journals/diaries for the MNI members. The idea of this forum was for people to start a thread, perhaps tell a bit about themselves then update everyone on what they’ve got going on in life just like you would do in a journal/diary. He asked that everyone put in their thread if it was “open” or “closed”. If it was closed it was basically a way for you to be able to vent/tell about what’s going on in your life and if people did have something to say to you they could owl/pm you about it. If it was open, as most were, you could post what was going on in your life and people could make comments if they wished on the post you’d made.

What is a journal?
Well, let's start with the Dictionary.com definition.
a daily record, as of occurrences, experiences, or observations

How about Wikipedia?
a daily record of events or business; a private journal is usually referred to as a diary.

A diary, huh?  Let's see what Wikipedia says about a diary.
A diary is a record (originally in handwritten format) with discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period.

Generally the term is today employed for personal diaries, in which the writer may detail more personal information and normally intended to remain private or to have a limited circulation amongst friends or relatives. The writer may also describe recent events in his/her personal diary. The word "journal" may be sometimes used for "diary," but generally one writes daily in a diary, whereas journal-writing can be less frequent.

Some quick Google results:
 - Journal Writing Tips: How to Keep a Journal
 - How to Keep a Journal - WikiHow
 - How to Write a Journal - eHow

They mostly talk in terms of hand-written journals, but a lot of the ideas are essentially the same.

What is Spam?
Spam can be a lot of things:
Useless or pointless posts, especially anything whose sole purpose in life is to hike up your post count, one word posts, multiple one word posts, simple "I agree" posts, using too many smiley faces in a post, creating new threads on subjects which are already discussed in another topic, discussing your broom, your lack thereof, the arrival of your new broom... all that is considered SPAM, but this is by no means an exclusive list.

Bet you didn’t know that having a huge signature is also considered spam, as well as using colors/sizes of font which are not appropriate.

If you're not contributing anything to the discussion, don't post! You may lose points/ galleons for it. At the very least, you risk irking your fellow students and staffers. Keeping the chaff (SPAM and junk) down will help ensure the grain (good discussion) doesn't get lost in the jumble. If you keep spamming you could even be banned from posting for a while if you keep disrespecting the forum rules.


In reference to the Chamber of secrets all of the above is considered spam as well as rushing to get "first post" in someone's new journal. Unless you have some substance to a first post claim - don't do it. You will be warned and/or docked depending upon the number of infractions you have in the Chamber.

Why am I not allowed to share personal information in my journal in my first post?
We are aware that you would like for people to get to know you but it isn't safe for you to do so on such an intimate level.

Taken directly from the main site rules HERE:

For your own safety, please do not post your email address, AIM/MSN/ICQ/Yahoo screenname, last name, phone number, or physical address on the forums. Never ask another user for this information.  If you wish to give this information to another via owl, please do so with caution. Social networking links are not permitted in signatures and should not be set as website links in your profile if they display your full name or specific information about where you live (specifics about your city/town - state is fine) in any visible place. This means that profiles on sites such as Facebook and Myspace should not be included in your signature or as a website link. Sites like Twitter or Tumblr are more permissible provided that they do not detail your full name anywhere (and, in accordance with Rule 3, do not have any visible profanity.

Likewise these personal things should not be posted in your journal entries.

May I add a video link in my journal or signature?
If you link to videos from you tube or any other video sharing site or if you provide links of anything outside of MNI it must adhere to the T rating on this site. What is the T rating? Look Here.

Can I swear in the Chamber?
Absolutely not.

Language in the forums must be rated T or lower. Please see HERE for the ratings. As a general guideline, if a swear word is not in the Harry Potter books or movies, DO NOT use it. The only exception here is what Molly called Bellatrix - yes its in the books but it is unacceptable to use here on MNI. Never use a swear word against another student or staff member. Also using swear words with * or any other miscellaneous characters is also not accepted. That is what we call getting around the filters and is unacceptable.

Will you merge my thread because I created a poll?
No. Do not ask the moderators to merge threads for you. If you have a journal and you purchase polling rights you may not start a new poll thread and ask the moderators to merge them, it takes up too much time. You must wait until your current thread is done to start a new thread with a poll.

Will you close my thread so I can start a joint CoS?

The moderators will NOT be closing threads early simply because you want to create a joint CoS with someone else. You must finish out your existing journal then you may start a joint CoS but not before the old thread is finished.

I no longer want my Journal will you close it for me?
Of course the moderators will close your thread for you. However, if you close your thread early solely because you decide you no longer want one and then you decide to start a new thread, your new thread will be closed. Your old thread will be reopened and you can finish the old thread out. If you have a current thread you must finish your thread before starting a new one.

Why can't I Role Play in the Chamber?
Because that is not what the Chamber of Secrets is for.

Again, the CoS is a journaling forum, and is not to be used solely to discuss, and plot your roleplays, and it is most definitely not to be used FOR roleplaying at all. The CoS is NOT for RP of ANY kind.  It is also not for PLOTTING RPs.  Currently, two of your CoS mods are avid RPers and they get by without cluttering their own Chambers with plotting for RP.  We understand being EXCITED about a new character or a new plot, and you can mention, "Today I started a new RP character named Twinkle Toes. I really like Twinkle Toes because, despite the name, dude is a dude.  He's got swagger like I've never written before and I am thrilled to RP him." Yes, RP can be a huge part of your life but this is not the place to dominate it with plotting or actual RPing.  You can send those you RP with owls to discuss RP; you can discuss RP in the RP Help & Discussion Forum.  RP has been on MNI forever and people can attest to the fact that they have never needed a CoS to plot.

There are forums for Roleplay and they are be to used as such. You do not Journal in the RP forums and you should not RP in the journaling forums.

What happens to me if I don't follow the rules in the Chamber?
1st offense – Warning (in the thread/via an owl and or a notation in your award/dock)
2nd offense – Warning (in the thread/via an owl and or a notation in your award/dock)
3rd offense – 2 Week suspension from the CoS and an 1-10 Galleons docked dependant upon offense
4th offense – 1 Month suspension from the CoS and 1-20 Galleons docked dependant upon offense
5th offense – Permanent site wide ban from MNI

The moderators and head staff would like it known that they are overly lenient and more times than not you have been warned and given more chances than the five detailed above. The documentation that we keep is immaculate, the disciplinary action is non negotiable. When it comes time for you to serve then do so. By the time you come up for a permanent ban from the site, rest assured it is warranted and we do not have to warn you when the time comes.

May I create a journal where I may joint journal with a friend?
Of course you may do that. However there are some rules governing joint CoS journals.

We cannot stress enough to you that if you joint with someone and then wish to stop being jointed with them you MUST finish the joint CoS first. Keep in mind that when creating a joint CoS it is for the purpose of journaling with your friends. You will not be allowed to use it as an excuse for chatting and catching up with your friends. That is what owls are for. If you create a joint CoS you are all responsible for all parties in that thread so if someone is chatting too much in your thread then you are all going to get the disciplinary action for it.

When will my journal get deleted?
Any journal not posted within two weeks of the 10th or 24th of the month will be deleted. The moderators used to delete journals that were two weeks old. After looking at it again they decided that having two set days made it easier on everyone involved. This way people know when their journals are in danger of becoming deleted.

Who are the moderators of the Chamber of Secrets?
Clockwork Princess
siriusly rad ginge

Head Girl:
Wings of a Butterfly

Also any Head Staff member can help you as well.

What is a Journal Prompt?
Each week the Chamber of Secrets moderation team will take turns coming up with a "question" for you to answer. What they will do is pose a topic to which you can respond, and it can be about anything not just Harry Potter or MNI related things.

A journal prompt allows you to make a "Journal Entry" (for information on what a Journal is see HERE) responding to the question that the moderators pose and in turn you will receive galleons for it. That amount depends upon how thorough you are in your journal entry.

The journal prompt thread is located HERE so keep an eye out for the new prompts, and make sure you read the rules of the thread so that you can submit your prompt and earn some galleons!

If you would like to see examples of previous prompts you can check out the Journal Prompt Archive.

How do I become a staff member?
The golden rule to becoming a staff member is not to ask how you can become a staff member! If there are any job openings, then an announcement will get posted on the homepage and in the General Common Room or the appropriate house's common room. You are not going to get a job if you owl us all the time asking for one. The only way to become a staff member is to apply for a job opening. So, if you want to join the staff's team keep your eyes open and wait for a job opening!

Why is there an age limit for some staff applications?
There is an age limit on all staff positions that require moderator abilities.  Period.  Currently that age limit is 17, unless otherwise stated in the application.  This is because in most cases, you have more maturity at a higher age.  We understand this is not always the case.  However, the age limit is, and will remain, in place.

Have exceptions been made?  Yes.  Are you likely to become an exception if you keep asking about it?  No.  Here are two posts that have already been made in reference to the age limit.

The whole world has age requirements. Some people are mature enough to drive under the legal age for their country, but they are not allowed.

We know it is not a sure fire way of determining maturity, but it is a good place to start.

This is to answer all these questions about age and applications.  Note that this is not in response to any particular post, but a general awareness.

Yes, there are exceptions made for age.  But as Zoi said before, they have to be exceptional.  Since there still may be some question on this, I will clarify.

Example of not-exceptional:  We're hiring for Groundskeepers.  You've been to MNI for a year (or less), and you just turned 16.  You post in many different areas, including the Common Rooms, the Role Play areas, and you favor the Chamber of Secrets, but you don't spent a lot of time in the Arts and Graphics Lounge.  You know the rules, but you just "go with the flow" of the site.  You have no avatar/signature violations, and you got the information correct.  In your application, we see something similar to, "I know I'm under 17, but..."

Example of exceptional:  We're hiring for Groundskeepers.  You've been a member of MNI for 2+ years now, and you're 15 1/2.  You've visited many areas of the site, but have found that you spent more time in the Arts and Graphics Lounge than any other.  You've made posts in other areas, including discussion areas like the Philosophy and Politics corner, and the Inside the Magic forum, always using strong grammar and detailed posts.  You enjoy making images and participate in contests in the A&G Lounge.  Some Staffers have noticed your participation to the point where when we see your application, someone will say, "Hey, I know that person.  They helped so-and-so in the A&G, and was a part of the discussion that brought about this-and-that changes."  Your application is detailed and thorough of why we should hire you, and what you can contribute to being a Groundskeeper, and you make no reference or comment to your being underage, other than by number in the "Age" field.

Bear in mind these are only examples, but you should be able to see the difference.

How are staff applications graded?
To start off, it should be known that all staff applications are only viewed in full by the Head Staff.  There are cases where the staffer groups to which the members are applying will be allowed to provide some input on parts of the applications - for example, the Librarians may review the grammar test; Artists may review the art submitted; and Professors may look over the lesson plans from the applications - but none of these groups are allowed access to the full application, nor the applicant's name or personal information.  We respect the privacy of our applicants.

The first thing we look at is the applicant's username, and we immediately consider their history.  Is this a person we recognize?  Has this person had issues with other members or other staffers on MNI?  If so, what were the issues and how did this member act?  How long has this person been a member of the site? (Yes, we do consider tenure.)  Has this person been on staff before - if so, why are they no longer on staff now?  Was this member's activity as a staffer reliable and consistent?  Has this member applied for a position before - and if so, why were they not hired, and how did they react when they found out they did not get the position?  (Sometimes this can prove we made the right decision.)  Will bringing this member on board cause any tension, dissension, or drama among the existing staff?  Keep in mind that being a part of staff means being on a team, and so if we know there are general staff concerns surrounding an individual, we will take those into consideration.

As you can see, before even reading the rest of the application, we have already considered quite a bit about the individual.  But the scrutiny does not end there.

The second thing we look at is age.  Yes, age matters.  If someone is underage, they are not immediately rejected.  Instead, we consider how much under the age limit they are, and we expect to see some indication that their maturity surpasses that in the rest of the application.  In many cases, an underage member does not illustrate enough potential to out-qualify someone who is over age and presents a strong application.

Third, we consider what position the member is applying for, and we look at their posting activity.  If we are looking for a Prefect to mod the Club House, but we do not see any posts/activity in that forum, we are going to be a bit hesitant.  We are aware that some members like to lurk more than post, which is definitely okay.  But we also expect our staff to enjoy their work - and sometimes the best way to do that is to participate.  It's not a deciding factor, but it does matter.

Next, we look at the "unique" part of the applications.  Most applications have "basic" questions, and then "position-specific" questions.  For a Prefect, it is the modding scenarios; for a Referee, the example quotes that need to be called; for Professors, it's the lesson plan; for the Librarians, the grammar test; the GK Prefects, the accuracy of the Av/Sig data.  We look at this and ask ourselves, "Does this person know what they are doing?  Do they understand what the position expects of them?  Do they truly know how to handle these situations, or are they just taking a guess?  Do their responses indicate they can conduct themselves maturely, fairly, and politely when they face it in the line of duty?"  This is partly where tenure comes into play.  Most newer members do not fully understand the positions they are applying for, and it shows in their answers.  Even some of the members who have been around longer may not have fully researched how situations are handled, and find themselves assuming how things are done.  While we don't expect a student to know exactly how a staffer does their job, we do want to see that they know what they are applying for.

Finally, we read the answers to the "basic" questions, and even though this is the last thing we look at, that does not make it any less important than the rest of the application.  In some cases, this can help us understand the applicant better, and sway our personal opinions that may have been affected by any of the above.  Of course, content matters.  But in addition to that, how much detail did this member choose to provide?  Were the responses well written (grammar, spelling, etc.)?  Did the applicant take the time to actually consider their response, or does it feel as though they just filled it out and submitted it in one go?

All of this is taken into consideration when we look at an application.  From there, each Head Staffer will give it a score of 0 - 10, with 10 being the highest.  We then include any personal notes about the applicant (good or bad) based on our own experiences with the member.  If we feel we have a personal bias towards the member (either for or against), we will openly admit it to the other heads and explain why.  However any one bias does not mean that the member is automatically rejected or accepted - we are simply upfront with each other about it.  There are cases where the other heads have overridden a bias and hired/rejected a member regardless of it.

After all applications are graded by all active heads, we add up the scores and list the top applicants.  In many cases, we are only looking for a set number of hires.  Sometimes this means that even if an applicant was one number off, we do not take them on with the rest of the hires (and this is where seeing how the member reacts comes into play - because this could affect their chances the next time they apply).  If we do not bring them on, it's not because we didn't like the application, simply that we did not feel there would be enough work to go around.  Other times, we'll make exceptions and take on an additional member or two because we could see the benefit of having additional hires.

What are the Staffs' duties?
We have different sections of staff that are required to do different things.  Obviously we cannot release all the details, but here is some general information about what is expected from our Staff:

All Staffers
- Maintain legal avatar and signature
- Helping students with questions

- Creating and designing the artwork for the MNI Wizard Cards

- Recording and reporting violators of the avatar and signature guidelines
- Moderate the Arts and Graphics Lounge

Head Staff
- Retain duties from base positions (i.e. Head Librarian, Head Professor)
- Ensure the entire site is running smoothly
- Hire, promote, and demote as necessary

- Approve and reject submission to Flourish and Blotts
- Moderate the Library forum

- Close, restart, and delete threads as needed
- Monitor threads for inappropriate content

- Teach an assigned class on a topic researched and developed by the Professor
- Post and grade homework, extra credit, and assignments

- Creating and maintaining features on MNI
- Fixing bugs and security holes within the code

What areas are which staff responsible for?
Each staffer has an area that they cover more than others.  To help you see who the go-to staffer for any given section of MNI is, you can refer to the list below:

Sar the First

RP Head
Wings of a Butterfly

RP Prefects
marissa lily potter
siriusly rad ginge

GK Prefects

Head Girls
Calla Lily

Clockwork Princess
marissa lily potter
rayon de lune
siriusly rad ginge

Head Professor


Librarian Head
Calla Lily

Lord Sevtrix

Artist Heads

Lord Dylan

Head Quizmistresses



Wizard Cards
What is a Wizard Card?
Wizard Cards are collectible trading cards, based on the idea provided by the Harry Potter series.  Each card contains information on a category (i.e. person, group, place, object, spell), as well as an image created by an MNI Artist.  They are purchased through a Chocolate Frog or a Card Set.

Who do I ask if I have a question about the Wizard Cards section?
First, we recommend you check this FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.  If you still have questions, you are welcome to ask in this thread or you can owl any member of staff.

Where is the Wizard Card section located on the site?
The Wizard Card section can be accessed through Diagon Alley.  Alternatively, you can reach it by going here.

What is the purpose of buying wizard cards?
The Wizard Cards are collectibles.  As with other trading cards, we encourage you to try and get the entire collection.  However, this is purely up to you as an individual.   You may prefer to try only for your favorite character cards, or you may not want any cards at all.  The Wizard Card section is meant to be a fun place to spend your galleons, and in return, you gain access to some incredible artwork as provided by our MNI Artists.

What do I get if I manage to get all the cards?
That’s a good question!

I keep getting the same cards. Is the Wizard Cards section broken?
No, the section is not broken.  The cards have different rarities - that is, some cards are more common than others.  A card can be Common, Occasional, Rare, or Really Rare.  As implied, you are more likely to find common cards over rare cards.

Who creates the images for the wizard cards?
The Artists hired on MNI are responsible for creating the images for the Official MuggleNet Interactive Wizard Cards.

How do I become an Artist?
As with any position on MNI Staff, the best way to become one is not to ask.  When we are in need of any position, a job posting will appear in the Announcements sub-forum in the General Common Room.  Apply to the job posting when it is available for your chance to become an Artist.

Why did it take so long to release the Wizard Cards section?
The anticipation was so high that we felt it needed to be done perfectly in order to release it.  Aside from ensuring that we had a good supply of cards to offer our members, we also wanted to ensure that the section was as bug-free as possible.  We hope we succeeded, though of course, only time will tell Wink

Can I sell back my wizard cards?
No, currently there is no option to sell back unwanted cards.  However, there will be an option to trade cards with other members in the near future.

Can students trade wizard cards?
Not currently, no.  This option will be available soon, however, so start building your collections now!

Can students create wizard cards?
Not at the moment.  This is an option we would like to make available in the future, however.

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