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What is this?
July 21, 2012 will mark the five-year anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - pretty crazy when you think about it! We are celebrating the passing of this date with a video campaign: to prove that the Harry Potter series has definitely not come to an end through our stories and memories of the past five years.

As more and more videos are uploaded from fans across the world (more on how below!), you will be able to see the collection on our MNI YouTube Channel! It's a little empty now, so we need you to join the movement!

Who can do this?
Anyone! Just keep in mind, YouTube videos are public to all users of the internet. You should not upload a video unless you are comfortable with this. If you wish the video to remain unlisted, rather than public, indicate that in an Owl to Caleb. Keep in mind this means only those who know the URL will be able to see it, not anyone who accesses the MNI YouTube channel.

Before you submit a video, please make sure you adhere to all MNI Rules, as well as YouTube Guidelines. If you are not interested in recording a video, but would still like to share your story - we have a way for you too! Feel free to write-up some sort of message that includes what you would otherwise say in a video. You can e-mail these to mnistaff@gmail.com with the Subject line "Five Years Story" and we will feature these in a thread during our annual July 31st ball.

How can I submit a video?
1. Record a video on your computer. Save the video in one of the following formats that is supported by YouTube: mpeg4, 3gpp, mov, avi, mpegps, wmv, or flv. It must be in one of these formats to be uploaded to YouTube.
2. When your video is saved and you are ready for it to be viewed by anyone on the internet, open up a new e-mail in your Inbox.
3. You will upload your video via e-mail using the following directions:
-- To: getsgr0skn72@m.youtube.com
-- Subject: The title of your video - "Five Years _______" You may customize what goes in the blank after the "Five Years"
-- Attach a File: Attach your video file
-- Leave the e-mail body blank. Press Send.
4. Your video will be uploaded and will be private (not viewable by the public) until a member of Head Staff approves it and makes it public. If you would like any special description attached to your video, you should Owl it to Caleb.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I make a creative video without actually recording myself, because I may not have a webcam or want to show my face?
Absolutely! If you want to make some sort of video without using an actual recording of yourself, feel free to, as long as it follows the rules and guidelines mentioned above!

My video filesize is too large to send via e-mail. How can I still submit it?!
We suggest using a free upload service, such as SendSpace to upload your video file. Once you have the URL of the uploaded file, please Owl it to Caleb so that we can then upload it to YouTube!

I have other questions!
Feel free to Owl Caleb with any lingering questions you might still have!

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